Dancing petals in Taipei

The 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition will be held from November 6th, 2010 to April 25th, 2011. This is the first time the event will be held in Taiwan. Taipei is the seventh city in Asia to host such a gardening expo, and this is a chance for Taiwan to show the world its commitment to outstanding gardening and the achievements it has made in the biotechnology sector.

Unlike suburban expositions held in Kunming, Hamanako, Chiang Mai and other cities, the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition will take place in the city center as a response to people’s desire for more urban green spaces. The site plans and designs of this year’s show incorporate urban renewal concepts.

It is estimated that as many as six million tourists will visit Taipei City for the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition. The Expo will help Taiwan share with the world its achievements in the areas of tourism, catering, gardening and biotechnology.

About AIPH

AIPH, Association Internationale des Producteurs de l’ Horticulture in French, Internationaler Verband des Erwerbsgartenbaues in German or International Association of Horticultural Producers in English, is an internationally recognized organization, and its purpose is to coordinate flowers horticulture market in trading, showcase and producing. It currently has members across 25 countries and 33 memberships. The association held the annual meeting in every spring and autumn in order to discuss and promote the international horticulture industry and their development. Taiwan Floriculture Development Association successfully became a member by 2004, since then, it work hard to apply the right of hosting international flower expo in order to expand global trading and enhance status.

Taiwan is the fourth country in Asia, and Taipei the seventh city, to host this event. Taipei’s people have amazing exhibition and landscape planning skills and the city boasts superb, modern public facilities. Taipei City government, in partnership with the Taiwan Floriculture Development Association (TFDA), gained the recognition of the international community in April 2006 by being selected to host the 2010 exposition. Taipei City, its government and its people, have worked hard to ensure that the exposition is a stunning success.

The exposition’s logo, dancing petals, represents human celebrations and shared values. After a competition that lasted two months, the organizing committee finally decided on a mascot and logo. Designers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Europe, Japan and the U.S. all participated in this competition. There were 1669 entries in total, and the winning entry became the unique symbol of the Exposition. The Expo’s logo is based on five simply designed petals, and each petal, flowing with a pattern of moving lines, represents human activities. Each of the five colors—blue, green, red, orange and purple—represents a continent. The five petals combine in abstract images of dancing people. These bright colors also hint at the cheerful atmosphere that will characterize the Expo.

The logo of Taipei Expo

The Expo’s mascots, flower fairies, play a moving melody about spring, summer, fall and winter. The Expo mascots are inspired by the fairies of the seasons. The band linking them symbolizes the harmony of the four seasons as well as the rhythm of nature. The mascots stand for the four seasons, because in Taiwan, each season brings the blooming of different flowers. The flower fairies form a “flower band.” Together, they serenade us with the melodies of the seasons, and their colorful outfits and friendly smiles express their happiness and passion for the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition. With the approach of the Expo, the mascot band will bring a cheerful message to every single corner of the world.

The mascots of Taipei Expo

Source: http://www.2010taipeiexpo.tw/mp.asp?mp=4


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