The advent of Chinese and Globish

Cheming Yang

2010 marks the inaugural year of Gold Money Talk. This magazine came into existence right after the incredulous quick rebound from a major global economic downturn, the most severe one after the 1930s’ Great Depression. Since we are still on shaky ground, more attention needs to be directed to the economical and financial health of the world.

The aim of this magazine aims at providing an English communicating channel for the great Chinese business community to the world and vice versa. The word “business” can encompass many facets of our life. So long as the matter affects people’s living, it can be included in our coverage.

In this inaugurating issue, the cover story is about the official establishment of the China-ASEAN free trade area. With the rise of Chinese economy, there are also efforts in internationalizing the RMB. More alliances are formed with and more investors drawn to this community. Major exhibitions are held one after another in this area as well. So we also eagerly anticipate the International Floral Expo in Taipei to be unveiled in the near future.

Opportunities of international business and travel abound for people who speak Chinese and English. If you want to catch the tide, at least you need to speak Globish, which is workable English, and be knowledge about the business and finance in the Chinese circle. This is the stage we set up for you.

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