Well-known trademark in Taiwan

There are multiple channels in Taiwan to recognize and protect well-known trademarks. An abundant supply of well-known trademark cases has accumulated over the years, but such information has not been compiled for reference for all interested sectors. To fill this void, Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) commissioned outside sources in 2008 to collect all cases within the last five years, from 2003 to mid. 2008, which include well-known trademarks recognized by the courts, Fair Trade Commission, Taiwan Network Information Center and TIPO. These cases were compiled into a central directory for use by enforcement agencies, industries, scholastic institutions, and other interested sectors conveniently.

This project, entitled “Well-Known Trademark Case Directory and Studies”, also lists common guidelines and criteria for recognizing well-known trademarks and facts and evidence, as well as suggestions for future amendments to the currently existing well-known trademark protection mechanism. TIPO has already updated the Case Directory in 2009. The cases in the latest version of the Directory are recognized in the period of five year from July 1 2004 to June 30 2009. Related Links: http://www.tipo.gov.tw/ch/Download_DownloadPage.aspx?path=3526&Language=1&UID=8&ClsID=31&ClsTwoID=208&ClsThreeID=0

Source: http://www.tipo.gov.tw/en/News_NewsContent.aspx?NewsID=4184


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