Acer found Founder

On the 27th of May, 2010, Acer Inc., the second largest PC player and the first notebook vendor worldwide (source Gartner data 1Q 2010), and Founder Group, one of China’s most innovative and influential high-tech companies, announced to have signed a memorandum of mutual understanding for both parties’ relative ITC business. Acer Inc. and Founder Group will cooperate in order to enhance and expand ITC business in China.

With high recognition of Founder’s and Acer’s corporate brands, and further with Acer’s success on its unique multi-brand strategy, both parties intend to involve Acer in the planning, development and design of Founder brand products in order to provide the market more competitive Founder PC products, including notebook, netbook as well as mobile internet devices, such as e-Reader. Both parties will jointly approach the PC market in China. In fact, with Founder’s comprehensive distribution channels and strength on PC marketing especially in tier 4 to 6 cities, rural areas and in segments of corporate and governmental clients, and with Acer‘s capability on defining and designing mobile products, Acer and Founder will be able to build up strong synergy on product offering, supply chain and channel coverage. In addition to the above, both parties will also consider additional business cooperation relating to PC products such as activities on intellectual property rights, supply chain and after-service. In order to further cooperate on PC products, both parties also intend to build up strong synergy on handheld PCB and non-PC products businesses.

To achieve the win-win situation, Acer Inc. and Founder Technologies agree to negotiate and conclude appropriate contractual agreements soon based upon actual circumstances and more information exchange and communication, under appropriate and necessary business terms and conditions.



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