Taiwan’s ambition on medical tourism

Premier Wu Den-yih received a Cabinet briefing June 24 by the Department of Health (DOH) on its Taiwan Medical Services Internationalization Action Plan. Afterwards, he remarked that Taiwan’s medical care standards are extremely competitive globally. Promotion of internationalized medical care will market Taiwan’s outstanding medical services to the international community, boost its international image and foster the upgrading of its medical industry as a whole. The project can also bring further development of domestic tourism, transportation and related services, he said, and each government ministry and agency should fully comply with carrying it out.

Premier Wu said that undertaking this project must be based on the premise of safeguarding the medical care rights and interests of Taiwan’s citizens and assuring the quality of domestic medical services. He asked the DOH to appropriately plan accompanying measures. The premier went on to say that in the future, implementation of this plan should not be limited to one place. When conditions allow, consideration could be given to establishing special zones in central and southern Taiwan for development of internationalized medical care services.

The DOH stated that this project combines Taiwan’s top-notch medical care, high technology and friendly service to formulate strategies and guidance plans for both supply and demand aspects. It builds an operating model for providing medical services to patients visiting Taiwan from abroad and creates a blue ocean for the domestic medical care industry while promoting development of the overall national image and sparking progress in related industries.

The DOH anticipates that within four years of the plan’s implementation, it will spur at least NT$4.08 billion of private investment, provide internationalized medical services to 45,558 patients and generate revenues of NT$10.99 billion. It will also add 3,860 employment opportunities.

Source: http://www.gio.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=66616&ctNode=2462&mp=807


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