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Cover of September, 2010


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Table of Contents of August 2010

1. Cover story

World Economic Forum in China

2. Economy outlook

Report on China’s E-commerce 2008-2009

3. Financial strategy

China Mobile is staying in Dow Jones Sustainability Index

4. Legal spotlight

The big neighbor hits PPH

5. Point of interest

Guangzhou ready for Asian Games

6. Portrait

2009 Asian Central Banker

7. Remark from editor

To roam in the PPH

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World Economic Forum in China

 The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2010 (“Summer Davos” in Asia) took place in Tianjin on 13-15 September. The Annual Meeting of the New Champions, the “Summer Davos”, is the foremost global business gathering in Asia. Introduced in 2007, the Meeting is hosted in partnership with the Government of the People’s Republic of China represented by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). Over 1,300 participants from 85 countries took part. Continue reading

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Report on China’s E-commerce 2008-2009

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce held press conference on releasing Report on China’s E-commerce 2008-2009, in Beijing on August 30, 2010. Vice Commerce Minister Jiang Yaoping, officials from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Bureau of Statistics, experts on e-commerce, and people from the media attended the press conference. Continue reading

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China Mobile is staying in Dow Jones Sustainability Index

The results of the 2010 Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) annual review were announced on September 9th, 2010. China Mobile Limited has once again been accepted for inclusion in the DJSI, for the third year in succession. So far, China Mobile is the only company from mainland China to have ever received a listing on the DJSI. Continue reading

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The big neighbor hits PPH

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks of the Russian Federation (ROSPATENT) have agreed to partner in establishing a Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot program. PPH agreements are cooperative initiatives that streamline the patent system and promote expeditious, inexpensive and high-quality patent protection throughout the world. The USPTO and ROSPATENT plan to launch the pilot program on September 1, 2010, and continue it for a period of one year. Continue reading

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Guangzhou ready for Asian Games

The 16th Asian Games, part of the worldwide Olympic movement and governed by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) will begin November 12. The Asian Games are the second largest sports event in the world after the Summer Olympic Games. Continue reading

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2009 Asian Central Banker

Fai-Nan Perng, Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) since 1998. He was awarded the Asian Central Banker of 2009 by The Banker. The following is a short biography of this well liked 71 years old central banker. Continue reading

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To roam in the PPH

Cheming Yang

What is PPH? PPH is the acronym for Patent Prosecution Highway. According to the USPTO, under PPH, an applicant receiving a ruling from the Office of First Filing (OFF) that at least one claim in an application filed in the OFF is patentable may request that the Office of Second Filing (OSF) fast track the examination of corresponding claims in corresponding applications filed in the OSF. PPH will leverage fast-track examination procedures already available in the OSF to allow applicants in the OSF to obtain corresponding patents faster and more efficiently. Continue reading

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