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China’s Central Banker

Zhou Xiaochuan, Governor of People’s Bank of China (PBC). He was born in 1948 and is married to Li Ling who runs the treaty and laws department of China’s Ministry of Commerce. Zhou graduated from Beijing Chemical Engineering Institute in 1975 and received Ph.D in economic systems engineering from Tsinghua University in 1985. Continue reading

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No more beautiful trap

 Cheming Yang

Typhoon Megi certainly made headlines of the Chinese circle in October. Megi was not projected to hit Taiwan at first. As fate should have it, interactions between Megi and monsoon weather patterns brought heavy rainfall to Taiwan, and torrential rains led to deadly landslides. According to the press, as of October 24, floods and landslides had killed as many as 31 people in this island. Unfortunately, most of these casualties happened in the scenic Suhua Highway along the east coast of Taiwan and to tourists. As a matter of fact, there is still a busload of about 20 mainland Chinese missing at this very moment. Continue reading


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