SGCC involved in the “Green Yangtze-Chongqing Action” program

“Green Yangtze-Chongqing Action” Program was launched on October 8th, 2010 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Hui Liangyu and the CPC Central Committee, secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Bo Xilai attended the ceremony as honorary directors. Besides, representatives from 95 ministries and enterprises presented themselves, including SGCC (State Grid Corporate of China) Executive Vice President Cao Zhi’an.

In April 2010, the National Afforestation Committee, the State Forestry Bureau, the China Green Foundation and Chongqing Municipal Government jointly launched the “Green Yangtze- Chongqing Action” program on donation for afforestation. The program adopts the approach of “government coordination, society participation and people motivation to reciprocate the Yangtze River”, which is to vastly mobilize people from all walks of life for donations. A total of 2 billion RMB is to be raised within 5 years to plant 3.8 million mu (about 253,333 hectares) of trees, increasing the forest coverage from 22% to 65%. It will build an ecological screen along the Yangtze to ensure the ecological safety of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area and the normal operation of the Three Gorges Project.

Mr. Cao Zhi’an delivered a speech on behalf of SGCC as a donating enterprise at the ceremony. He mentioned that the program was a major strategic move to implement scientific outlook on development and to accelerate the building of socialist ecological civilization; it manifested the importance attached to ecological environment along the Yangtze River by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. What’s more, it reflected the interest of the people and would surely be a landmark in the process of promoting the scientific development and building a socialist harmonious society, said Cao.

Mr. Cao Zhi’an said that SGCC, the world’s largest public utility company, would give full play to the grid’s function and its influence on the industry and society to promote clean energy development, energy conservation, transformation to a green development, and to ensure a safer, cleaner and more economical and sustainable energy supply. Mr. Cao further agreed to strive for the realization of a full recovery of greenery along the Yangtze banks and contribute to the eco-system for a prosperous and better future.

It is reported that 71 enterprises and organizations generously donated 1.52 billion Yuan at the launching ceremony. SGCC donated 20 million Yuan for afforestation of 8,500 mu (about 566.667 hectares).



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