China’s Top Ten Tourist Cities

The results of the selection contest of “2010 Chinese City Roll: China’s Tourist Cities Recommended by Global Netizens” were announced in Beijing recently, with Harbin, Hangzhou, Mount Huang, Jinan, Kashgar, Lijiang, Luoyang, Sanya, Suzhou and Xi’an ranking top 10 of China’s Tourist Cities Recommended by Global Netizens.

The network activity of “2010 Chinese City Roll: China’s Tourist Cities Recommended by Global Netizens” was launched on April 12th, with the purpose of setting up a platform for China’s tourist cities to publicize themselves abroad and enhance the global influence of China’s tourist cities. The activity attracted the participation of more than 80 cities nationwide. During the period of seven months, top 10 tourist cities boasting Chinese features finally stood out under the joint recommendation of global netizens after intense competition in the stages of application, pre-qualification, 20 from 50, 10 from 20, etc.

This activity drew enormous domestic and overseas attention. The run-off voting activity lasted from 0 o’clock, September 27th to 12 o’clock, November 26th, with the votes totaling 5,642,598, including 5,213,829 coming from all the foreign websites.

The sponsor held a red-carpet prize-awarding ceremony in Beijing on December 28th. The leaders of the Information Office of the State Council and the National Tourism Administration, prestigious experts and scholars in the tourism circles, representatives from the awarded top 10 cities, officials of the embassy of some countries stationed in China, 10 representatives of global netizens and dozens of domestic and overseas media agencies gathered together to witness this grand occasion. After the awarding ceremony, the organization committee will organize many media agencies at home and abroad to conduct on-site interviews and reporting in the cities.



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