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Cover of January 2011


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Table of Contents of January 2011

1. Cover story

Building up Taiwan and invigorating Chinese heritage

2. Economy outlook

U.S. & China: Building a positive, cooperative, and comprehensive relationship

3. Financial strategy

Sinopec is still booming

4. Legal spotlight

TIPO amends the Procedural Examination Guidelines for improving patent examination quality

5. Point of interest

National Palace Museum in southern Taiwan is forth coming

6. Portrait

Head of brains and minds

7. Remark from editor

Will we jump up and down this year like rabbits?

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Building up Taiwan and invigorating Chinese heritage

This year is the centennial year of Republic of China (ROC). Taiwanese President Ma’s new year’s day message is as follows.

Vice President Siew, Presidents of the Five Yuan, Senior Officials, Fellow Countrymen, and Overseas Compatriots:

Good morning and greetings to all! Today marks the first day of the Republic of China’s centennial year, a day worthy of celebration and thanksgiving.

Pledges from a Century Ago

A century ago, as China was besieged by foreign powers and on the verge of collapse, Dr. Sun Yat-sen overthrew the Qing court and founded the Republic of China—the first republic in all of Asia. He made a pledge to the people to build a strong and prosperous nation. A century ago, Chinese history consisted only of the succession of dynasties, and the people had no say in the matter. The establishment of the Republic of China was a pledge to the people to bring about a democratic way of life. A century ago, Chinese society was plagued by a severe wealth gap and widespread illiteracy. The establishment of the Republic of China was a pledge to the people to bring about equitable distribution of wealth and education for everyone. These pledges embody the ideals of the Three Principles of the People. Passed down through generations, they have been enshrined in our Constitution and indelibly etched into our lives. Continue reading

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U.S. & China: Building a positive, cooperative, and comprehensive relationship

During the state visit of President Hu Jintao to Washington, D.C., President Obama and President Hu highlighted specific means to cooperate on a variety of global and bilateral challenges, including the following:

Center of Excellence on Nuclear Security

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and Chairman Chen Qiufa of the China Atomic Energy Authority signed a government-to-government agreement establishing a Center of Excellence in China to promote effective nuclear security and safeguards. During the historic Nuclear Security Summit in Washington in April of 2010, Chinese President Hu Jintao agreed to establish a “Center of Excellence” on nuclear security to help support the global effort to secure vulnerable nuclear material around the world. This agreement paves the way for DOE’s National Nuclear Security Administration and the Department of Defense to work with our partners in China to develop a center that will provide a central site for training in all aspects of nuclear security. It will serve as a forum for exchanging technical information, sharing best practices, developing training courses, and promoting technical collaborations that will enhance nuclear security in China and throughout Asia. It will also help meet the training needs for China’s expanding nuclear sector and promote nuclear security best practices throughout the region. Continue reading

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Sinopec is still booming

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (“Sinopec Corp.” or “the Company”) (CH: 600028; HKEX: 386; NYSE: SNP; LSE: SNP) is a Chinese company that has been listed in Hong Kong, New York, London and Shanghai.

The Company is an integrated energy and chemical company with upstream, midstream and downstream operations. The principal operations of Sinopec Corp. and its subsidiaries include: exploring, developing, producing and trading crude oil and natural gas; processing crude oil into refined oil products; producing, trading, transporting, distributing and marketing refined oil products; and producing and distributing chemical products. Based on 2009 turnover, Sinopec Corp. is the largest listed company in China. The Company is one of the largest crude oil and petrochemical companies in China and Asia. It is also one of the largest gasoline, diesel and jet fuel and other major chemical products producers and distributors in China and Asia. Continue reading

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TIPO amends the Procedural Examination Guidelines for improving patent examination quality

In compliance with the spirit of the Patent Act and practical needs, as well as to be in harmony with international patent systems, Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) underwent a comprehensive revision to the Procedural Examination Guidelines. Revision to the part on “Principles for Patent Applicant Confirmation”, which was announced on October 21, 2010, and took effect on January 1, 2011; the remaining amendments to the Guidelines was announced and took effect on September 7, 2010. Main amendments to the Guidelines include, a) stipulating requirements for according the filing date, b) stipulating principles for patent applicant confirmation, c) stipulating the conditions of description and drawing(s) entitled to a filing date, d) revising procedures for processing patent applications in which parts of the description or drawings are missing, e) revising procedures for processing patent application in which the specification and drawing(s) are in a foreign language, f) stipulating that the figure accompanying the abstract may be specified or amended ex officio, and g) other related revisions. Continue reading

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National Palace Museum in southern Taiwan is forth coming

The National Palace Museum in Taiwan is famous for it collections shipped to this island from the forbidden city of Beijing in 1948, and is poised to open a branch in southern Taiwan in the near future. The Taiwanese Executive Yuan has approved the “Revised National Palace Museum Southern Branch Construction Plan” on October 22 of 2010. Without changing the originally approved budget and status, phase 1 of the constructions – being the main architecture of the museum site and related constructions – will be carried out by the Construction and Planning Agency (CPA) of the Executive Yuan. Work on the museum site will commence in December 2012, and the main architecture is expected to be completed by October 2015, to begin test operations in December 2015. Continue reading

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Head of brains and minds

Since its establishment in 1898 as the first national comprehensive institution of higher learning ever founded in China, Peking University has been regarded as a symbol of modern Chinese education. The student body, faculty, and alumni of Peking University have made significant research achievements and generated an incredible number of works of scholarship in both the arts and the sciences. With the full-hearted support from the Chinese national government, Peking University has high hopes of becoming a world-class university in the 21st century.

Zhou Qifeng, current president of PKU, is a native of Hunan Province. Professor Zhou Qifeng obtained his B.S. in Polymer Chemistry in 1970 from Peking University and started to work as a faculty member of Peking University in the same year. From 1978 to 1980, he studied at the Department of Chemistry of Peking University as a Master candidate. He then went to study in Department of Polymer Science & Engineering of University of Massachusetts Amherst in Massachusetts of the United States, where he received a Master degree of Science in September 1981 and a Ph.D. degree in February 1983. Continue reading

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Will we jump up and down this year like rabbits?

 Cheming Yang

Last year, I predicted short term tactics and maneuvers would be the main stream of the tiger year and the precarious stock market is not for the timid. Looking back, isn’t it all the same for every year? Market is as unpredictable as always.

In last year, we saw the thorny question posed to China and US over currency exchange, which is still unresolved after President Hu’s state visit to the US. The Wall street gurus and wizards appear to be back on their feet and making rains again despite all the ongoing law suites and scandals. People are forgetful and making money is loved by all people. Even though we saw another suicide jump from Foxconn, there is no big fuss around it this time. The labor market of China is rapidly transforming in the wake of last year’s events and there is no turning back. Continue reading

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