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Cover of February 2011

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Table of Contents of February 2011

1. Cover story

Check out your shopping basket: Marketing standards for farm produce

2. Economy outlook

Consensus reached in first session of Cross-Straits Economic Cooperation Committee

3. Financial strategy

Golden Meditech to form strategic alliance with Long Bon International

4. Legal spotlight

Taiwan to expand trademark protection

5. Point of interest

Home stay in Taiwan for foreign youths

6. Portrait

Leader of MOFCOM

7. Remark from editor

What happens to your shopping basket, heavier or lighter?

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Check out your shopping basket: Marketing standards for farm produce

Recently, MOFCOM printed and distributed Notice on the Implementation of Marketing Standards for Farm Produce (Market System Development, No. 42, 2011), in an effort to implement marketing standards for seven farm produce, including cucumber.

According to the notice, it is necessary to understand the great significance of implementing Marketing Standards for Farm Produce, enhance understanding on such standards and promote standardization. The marketing standardization of agricultural produce is an important part of modern circulation system of agricultural products, and is the basis to achieve the modernization of agricultural product transaction. The implementation of the standards not only helps promote grading of the products, package standardization and brand management, so as to improve the efficiency of agricultural product circulation, and promote the development of the market and the circulation, helping to establish the tracking system to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, but also helps to develop high quality of agricultural products with competitive price, facilitating agricultural structure adjustment and the optimization of product structure, so as to increase income of farmers. Commercial departments of the pilot provinces and municipalities of modern circulation of agricultural products, as well as cities with pilot tracking system on vegetables and meat (hereinafter referred to as “pilot provinces and cities”), should organize sponsors of the pilot program to study the regulations, on the basis of an accurate grasp of grading, packaging, branding and distribution, so as to better implement the regulations. Continue reading

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Consensus reached in first session of Cross-Straits Economic Cooperation Committee

The Mainland’s Association for Relations across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) and Taiwan’s Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) held its first session in Taoyuan County of Taiwan on February 22. Vice Chairman of ARATS Zheng Lizhong and Vice Chairman of SEF Kao Konglian, as the ECC conveners, made a speech in the session respectively. Vice Minister of Commerce Jiang Zengwei, the chief representative of the mainland and special adviser of ARATS, and the island’s chief representative chaired the negotiations. The two sides, in the session, had in-depth exchanges of views on the setup of working groups under ECC, follow-up negotiations on agreements under ECFA, review and assessment on the implementation of the ECFA’s “Early Harvest Program”, and reached many consensuses. Continue reading

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Golden Meditech to form strategic alliance with Long Bon International

As First Cross Straits Collaboration since ECFA Launch, Golden Meditech Holdings (“Golden Meditech,” 0801.HK, 910801.TW) and Long Bon International Co., Limited (“Long Bon International”) on February 18th 2011 announced that the companies have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for strategic cooperation in Taipei. Golden Meditech Holdings Chairman, Mr. Kam Yuen and Chairman of Long Bon International, Mr. Chu Powei, respectively represented and co-chaired the signing ceremony. Per the MOU, the parties will establish a joint-venture company within the next six months to capture business opportunities within the healthcare sector arising from the introduction of ECFA. This will be the first collaborative effort between two sizable corporations to penetrate the healthcare sector and healthcare services across the Straits with the advantage of creating considerable synergies that would complement the strengths of both parties. Continue reading

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Taiwan to expand trademark protection

On December 16, 2010 the Executive Yuan gave its stamp of approval to a draft revision of the Trademark Act designed to meet the needs of business development, strengthen the trademark examination mechanism, reinforce the protection of trademark rights, and bring Taiwan into conformity with international practice. In addition to expanding the scope of trademark protection and beefing up protection for well known trademarks, the revision will also add border control measures to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights. Continue reading

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Home stay in Taiwan for foreign youths

Taiwanese Premier Wu Den-yih on February 23 praised a home stay program planned by the Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA), saying that it would enable youth from around the world to experience Taiwan first-hand. Continue reading

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