Home stay in Taiwan for foreign youths

Taiwanese Premier Wu Den-yih on February 23 praised a home stay program planned by the Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA), saying that it would enable youth from around the world to experience Taiwan first-hand.

“The program will demonstrate the warmth and hospitality of the nation’s people, increase mutual understanding between Taiwan and other nations and showcase Taiwan’s achievements,” said the premier when attending the program’s press launch Wednesday.

According to the CCA, the home stay event, designed as an activity to celebrate the nation’s centennial, will run from August 12 to 25, and hundreds of young people from over 100 countries will be invited to learn about Taiwan while staying with host families.

“It will introduce the best aspects of Taiwan to foreigners,” Wu said as he encouraged the program’s sponsors to be supportive of continuing the program in 2012.

“Taiwan is a society of culture, warmth and kindness, and this message should be shared with the world,” Wu stressed. Turning to other features attracting people to Taiwan, the premier pointed out that the nation is making a big push in international medical care and its delicious food.

The premier said that Taiwan has progressed to a point where it can and is repaying the international community for help it was given in the past. Such aid includes helping diplomatic allies and other nations, as well as sharing information and experiences with the world. Premier Wu pointed to civil aviation safety, disease prevention and eradication, and hunger relief as key areas in which Taiwan has been active internationally. For further information about the home stay program, please visit http://taiwanroc100.tw/english/.

Source: http://www.gio.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=81427&ctNode=2462&mp=807



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