Taiwan rated No.1 in Asia for promoting women’s rights

Taiwan is ranked No. 1 in Asia and the fourth globally for its efforts to promote the rights of women, according to a local survey based on United Nations methodology, officials said March 7.

“In the realm of promoting women’s rights, Taiwan is next only to the Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland, and is ranked fourth globally and first in Asia,” Premier Wu Den-yih said at the opening of the National Women’s Conference in Taipei. He attributed the accomplishment to a collective effort by the entire citizenry.

The premier said the Cabinet established a Committee of Women’s Rights Promotion in the Cabinet in 1997 and the government has since worked to enhance women’s rights in Taiwan. In the future, “the Executive Yuan will establish a Gender Equality Department to safeguard and promote women’s rights,” added Premier Wu.

“We hope that in the future equal rights for men and women will not only be reflected in various international rankings and assessments, but also become a part of everyday life in Taiwan,” the premier continued.

Wu said women in Taiwan have demonstrated excellence in a variety of fields and have made extraordinary achievements. Their participation in the domestic labor force has for the first time exceeded 50 percent.

“In each area of progress made in Taiwan, women have done their utmost. We hope they will continue to play an equal role alongside men in helping create a golden decade for Taiwan,” the premier added.

The Committee of Women’s Rights Promotion held its 34th meeting on September 2, 2010, during which it was decided that the Ministry of the Interior would hold a National Women”s Conference. During the March 7-8 conference, Representatives at the local level were invited to take part in preparatory meetings and voice their opinions, helping to form a consensus between the public and private sectors on the future direction of gender policies.

Representatives of private groups, experts, scholars, industries and local and central governments took part in this year’s conference to engage in in-depth dialogues on women’s affairs and gender equality so as to form future gender policy guidelines that would meet the needs of women at the grassroots level. Participants also discussed major current issues pertaining to women’s rights and gender equality, proposed countermeasures, and formulated a blueprint for the improvement of gender equality in Taiwan in accordance with international trends.

Source: http://www.gio.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=82870&ctNode=2462&mp=807



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