Combat inflation with Weekend Vegetable Bazaar

In the morning of September 24, accompanied by Cheng Hong, Vice Mayor of Beijing and Fang Aiqing, Assistant Minister of Commerce, Chen Demning, Minister of Commerce, made an on-site study of Beijing weekend vegetable bazaar. Chen Deming said that weekend vegetable bazaar is a favorable to people and farmers. MOFCOM will do it nationwide so as to further improve fresh farm produce retail network in urban areas.

Chen Deming visited every booth, talking with farmers selling vegetables and citizens in queue to buy vegetables, and asking questions about the variety, pricing, business hours and site.

Chen Deming affirmed their achievements on the building of Beijing weekend vegetable bazaar. Mr. Chen said that weekend vegetable bazaar has been in operation in the last two month, achieved good results and popular among farmers and urban people. With the bazaar, farmers can go straight to urban areas to sell vegetables, which could lower and stabilize urban vegetable price and increase their income.

In June of this year, MOFCOM and Beijing municipal government launched jointly weekend vegetable bazaar selling vegetables shipped in motor vehicles directly from farm. At present, four weekend bazaar have been put into operation at Haidian District, Chaoyang District, Fengtai District and Shijingshan District, and operated mainly by farmers’ cooperatives. They organized farmers pick vegetables every Friday, go through inspection, and ship the vegetables to each bazaar. The price is 15% lower than that of the markets nearby. According to the farmers’ cooperatives, the purchase price of vegetables from farmers is generally 10% higher than that of the markets.

Chen Deming said that based on the experiences in Beijing, MOFCOM will make weekend bazaar an important measure to insure and improve livelihood, and propagate weekend vegetable bazaar nationwide and further improve retail network building of fresh farm produce in urban areas on the principle of government guidance and market operation a reduction of procedures and bringing benefits to people and farmers.

Chen Deming said that local commercial departments should work with concerning departments, put forward supporting policies and get sites ready. According to the seasonal features of vegetables, they should establish weekend bazaar when local vegetables appearing on the market together and choose suburban areas where are suitable to launch bazaars for vegetable cooperative organizations and circulation enterprises.

Chen Deming also said that commercial departments at all levels should guide the vegetable vendors to inspect, keep samples and make records so as to insure the quality and safety of vegetables and maintain the market orders. They should also establish evaluation and exiting systems, request purchasing and selling prices and change market vendors not meeting the requirements, make sure farmers get greater benefits from bazaars as well as people.

Source: Ministry of Commerce Website;


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