What can we use to combat inflation: Vegetable bazaars or electronic gadgets?

Cheming Yang

Rumor has it that iPhone 5 will be released in the early October. Most of the PC and electronics makers are badly beaten by Apple in many fronts. For instance, Acer’s stock prices tumbled almost two thirds from the height of last year due to the impact of iPad. They have put all their hopes on the release of new Ultrabook this month.

How can the iPs be so successful and why is it so hard to repeat their successes? Although there is certain fandom in this modern myth, fun and easy to use are the critical merits that make Apple stand out. In the past few years, Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ performance appeared to dominate the releases of iPs. Consumers simply stormed Apple stores after the news meetings without asking twice why they need a new iPhone or a new iPad after using the current ones for less than one year.

So when people are obsessed about some things, they really do not care whether they need to spend the money. But the premise is that they can afford to spare the money. If the food becomes more and more expensive, less and less money can be allocated to spend on electronics. When it comes to food, it is necessity more than fetish. As a result, the government might need to pay more attention to food prices, such as creating vegetable bazaars, than to encouraging innovation of new gadgets. But with the creation of popular inventions comes manufacturing jobs which can provide means to diminish the drastic effects of inflation. So how do we combat inflation? We need to contain the market and develop it at the same time. Tough job, but no easy way out.


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