Secured supply of agricultural and side-line products to Hong Kong

Mr. Zhong Shan, Vice Minister of Commerce of China and Deputy China International Trade Representative, headed a delegation to Hong Kong. The delegation included responsible officials from AQSIQ, HKMAO and Provincial People’s Government of Guangdong and representatives from enterprises and food suppliers. Vice Minister Zhong held talks with Mr. John Tsang Chun-wah, GBM, JP, Financial Secretary, Mr. Gregory SO Kam-leung, JP, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, and Dr. Yokk Chow, GBS, JP, Secretary for Food and Health. Vice Minister Zhong also held forums to listen to the HKSAR Government and the industries. The delegation surveyed the market as well.

Mr. Zhong said that supply of agricultural and side-line products to Hong Kong related to livelihood and stability of Hong Kong. The Chinese central government has always attached great importance to this work and required to achieve a stable supply of agricultural and side-line products to Hong Kong with good quality. Ministries, provincial and municipal governments have established a very close and fruitful relationship for communication with the SAR Government for a long time. Meanwhile, in mainland China built bases of high-standard production and processing for Hong Kong and Macao. Only after careful inspection by AQSIQ, the products can be exported to Hong Kong, which ensures that people in Hong Kong can enjoy safe food.

In 2011, enterprises supplying agricultural and side-line products to Hong Kong have overcome unfavorable factors, such as rising costs of raw materials and labor force, and appreciation of the RMB, and ensured the supply. Mainland China has provided Hong Kong with 1.464 million pigs, 28,700 cattle, and 2.462 million chickens in the year. In addition, agricultural and side-line products (grain, vegetables, eggs, milk and drinking water) exports to Hong Kong remain stable. According to the testings in Hong Kong, the acceptance rate of food supplied from mainland China reached 99.999%.

During his stay in Hong Kong, Mr. Zhong and his party made an inspection tour to Kowloon City Market, asked in detail about the supply and sales of vegetables, fruits, meat and aquatic products, and focused on the supply, quality and price changes.

As the spring festival 2012 was approaching, MOFCOM, AQSIQ and Guangdong Provincial Government made plans for it and put forward five measures, including actively organizing sources, preparing for emergency, preventing disease outbreaks, strengthening services and establishing a 24-hour contact mechanism, to ensure the arrangement of supply and the stability of supply with good quality.

Source: Ministry of Commerce Website;


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