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Premier Chen highlights Taiwan’s policy challenges

Chen Chun (aka Sean Chen), born in 1949/10/13, recently became the premier of Taiwan’s cabinet after President Ma’s reelection.

Major policy challenges for Taiwan include U.S. beef imports, trade relations and how to reduce the wealth gap and north-south imbalance, ROC Premier Sean C. Chen told media Feb. 15. Continue reading

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Is smart city healthy city?

Cheming Yang

I recently went to Hong Kong to attend a meeting. Like most business trips that I had in HK, in and out quickly with no time to peek around.

HK is a highly efficient city and quite popular for international meeting organizers due to many reasons, the convenience of flying there for one. It has been a hub for quite a number of international flight companies and its international airport is quite cozy and entertaining. The transportation is visitor friendly as well. Street cars, buses and taxis abound. The airport express is easy to access. Passengers can check in their bags in the HK station and keep exploring the city in the final minutes before departing. And you can see the breathtaking view of the Victoria Harbor from roof tops. Continue reading

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