Australia rejecting Huawei’s bidding for National Broadband Network Project

In response to Australian government’s rejection of Huawei’s bidding for the national broadband network project, the spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Commerce Shen Danyang pointed out in an interview granted to media that, the rejection by Australia was beneath impartiality and China is deeply concerned about it.

Mr. Shen said that, according to our information, Huawei has provided broadband network equipment and service to many countries. Huawei Australia, which participated in the tenders, is a company that has a staff of whom 90% are Australia citizens, and that are doing business in Australia for nearly ten years without any bad record. Australia has no reason to reject an enterprise in fair competition in pretext of security, when there is no fact of evidence.

Mr. Shen stressed that China and Australia have signed bilateral investment protection agreement, and bilateral trade and economic cooperation has been developing well these years. China and Australia should adopt an open, cooperative and constructive attitude, and create an impartial market environment without discrimination for enterprises of the two countries in carrying out trade and investment, so as to promote the healthy development of China-Australia trade and economic cooperation.

Source: Ministry of Commerce Website;


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