“The Rising Stars of Italy” wine pairing in StarWorld

Renowned for its star-rated Continental cuisine, Temptations Senses at StarWorld Macau has invited Ms. Jeannie Cho Lee, Master of Wine and the author of the top-selling book, Asian Palate, to collaborate with the hotel’s Executive Chef Joe Chan for a series of wine pairing dinners themed for various top wine-producing countries. Starting in June 2012, StarWorld Macau has proudly presented “The Rising Stars” series of food and wine pairing dinners, bringing together the best of the best food and wine marriages designed by its award-winning Chef and the renowned Master of Wine.

StarWorld Macau is devoted to promoting its food and wine pairing culture. By launching four waves of wine pairing dinner, StarWorld Macau intends to bring the high quality and affordable luxurious fine-dining experience to the city. Sustaining the great success from the initial Portuguese pairing, Temptations Senses at StarWorld Macau is now launching the Italian episode, elevating the Italian fine dining experience with perfectly matched wine. “The Rising Stars of Italy” Wine Pairing Dinner will be available from August to October 2012 at Temptations Senses.

Located on 16/F of StarWorld Macau, Temptations Senses is devoted to the essence of classic continental cuisine through the selection of the best ingredients for its guests. The Italian cooking at Temptations Senses is among the world’s richest and most varied, with dishes suitable for every occasion. Among the ingredients used, full-bodied olive oil, tomato sauce and balsamic vinegar are essential. And the pairing with Italian wine, which has high acidity, provides a natural fit. The variety of Italian wine is vast, ranging from the rich and full-bodied reds of Chianti in Tuscany, to the light, fruity whites such as indigenous varietal Moscato, which have been gaining influence and popularity in Asia in recent years. For Italians, food and wine goes hand in hand. They enhance and complement one another, making the whole dining experience perfect and complete.

“The Rising Stars of Italy” Wine Pairing Dinner presents a unique food and wine pairing culture of Italy. The Chef has carefully selected a variety of high-quality classic Italian ingredients, including olive oil, cheese, risotto, basil and pine nuts in the menu. Well-presented antipasto includes four different features – Beef Carpaccio with Truffles; Seared Tuna with Chives, Capsicum, Olives, Smoked Salmon and Parma Ham with Melon; and Buffalo Mozzarella & Tomato. Renato Ratti Dolcetto Colombe DOC 2011, which means “little sweet wine” in Italian, is a perfect match with the 4 antipasto. Its low tannins and red cherries flavor will ensure diners have a good appetite to enjoy the following dishes.

After 20 minutes of cooking to al dente, Risotto with Morels gains a rich flavor of cheese, accompanied by chewy French Morels. The risotto goes in harmony with the elegant and fruity Marchesi di Gresy, Langhe Nebbiolo Martinenga DOC 2010.

The award-winning restaurant, Temptations Senses features traditional European cuisine. The famous Baked Sea Bass with pine nuts and lemon dressing is a well known dish in Italian households. The Chef has also selected Wagyu beef cheeks as an alternative choice for guests, which are cooked over at least four days with numerous cooking steps in order to achieve a tender and tasty texture. It reflects the “Asian Heart” commitment of StarWorld Macau. Both courses are enhanced by the Casanuova di Nittardi Chianti Classico DOCG 2009. The rich blackberry and tobacco flavor not only goes well with the beef but also complements the sea bass with sun dried tomatoes.

In order to highlight the exclusive Italian tiramisu at StarWorld Macau, Master Jeannie has selected a sweet La Spinetta Moscato Bricco Quaglia 2011, which brings a refreshing taste to allow guests to continue the Italian culinary journey. A major highlight of the wine pairing dinner is the Italian tiramisu, which was tailor-made by Chef Joe in front of the guests. Chef Joe mixed all the ingredients to form a creamy tiramisu, paired with coffee liqueur to enhance the sweet aroma. The Ladies Finger will be soaked in the famous illy Italian espresso during the process, so that it will not become too soft and its texture. Finally, the creamy tiramisu and Ladies Finger will be put into the sweet chocolate almond cup. Guests can therefore enjoy the crispy chocolate almond cup while the soft tiramisu melts inside their mouths. This Italian flavor provides a perfect finish to the wine pairing dinner.

StarWorld Macau advocates quality and affordable fine-dining experience. “The Rising Stars of Italy” Wine Pairing Dinner is only MOP$688 (plus 10% service charge) per person. Guests can enjoy both the Italian wines selected by Master Jeannie and the Italian refined cuisine by Chef Joe.

Ms. Jeannie Cho Lee, an experienced writer and wine critic, is the first and only Asian appointed Master of Wine (MW). She has worked with a number of international corporations, including Singapore Airlines, as a wine consultant.

With more than three decades of cooking experience, Executive Chef Joe Chan of StarWorld Macau, is known for his expertise in classic Continental cuisine. Although the food and beverage industry has become simpler and more commercialized, Joe always takes the detailed steps and processes required in sophisticated cooking. Nor does he scrimp on using fresh and premium ingredients. The principles he sticks to mirror his aims, which are to provide high quality traditional cuisine as well as an excellent food experience.

About StarWorld Macau

StarWorld Macau is located in the heart of Macau’s dynamic gaming and entertainment district – the Avenida de Amizade. Being the first 5-star hotel and casino in the Galaxy Entertainment Group, the 39-storey StarWorld Macau embodies the distinct Asian characteristics of intelligence, experience and innovation, combining world-class accommodation, entertainment, leisure and dining facilities in ‘one world’. Asian flair is incorporated in all the Star-grade amenities as well as in the ultra-high levels of personal service, appealing to both Asian and international tourists. Striking architecture and luxurious guest-room decor exemplify the outstanding level of quality. This attention to detail has gained StarWorld Macau recognition through numerous prestigious awards including the “5-Star Diamond Award” from the AmericanAcademy of Hospitality Sciences for 5 consecutive years, and the “Top 100 Hotels of China” by the China Hotel Industry Summit. Famed for its “Star Rated” quality in hospitality, entertainment, accommodation and restaurants, StarWorld Macau is determined to offer its valued guests the prestige of “When I step into StarWorld, I shine like a star”.

Source: http://www.starworldmacau.com/en/other/press-release?id=84


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