Post PC or PC+ global strategic planning

Cheming Yang

People are saying PC is dead. As the old saying goes: Old soldiers never die; They just fade away. However, it is not saying that old soldiers cannot be replaced by new soldiers.

Steve Jobs said in 2007 when he attended AllThingsD together with Bill Gates,

“I think the PC is going to continue. This general purpose device is going to continue to be with us and morph with us, whether it’s a tablet or a notebook or, you know, a big curved desktop that you have at your house or whatever it might be. ….But then there’s an explosion that’s starting to happen in what you call post-PC devices, right? You can call the iPod one of them… There’s just a category of devices that aren’t as general purpose, that are really more focused on specific functions, whether they’re phones or iPods or Zunes or what have you. And I think that category of devices is going to continue to be very innovative and we’re going to see lots of them.”

In the 1999 Newsweek op-ed, “Why the PC Will Not Die”, Bill Gates commented,

“In this new ‘PC-plus’ era connectivity will be king, and the PC model’s common standards will be more important than ever……..Computers will take many forms, but there will always be a place for the all-purpose machine we’ve come to depend on.”

Regardless of the definitions of PC, post-PC and PC+, it appears that all sides agree that the new era of personal computing is more about mobility and diversity. We got more and more intelligent devices that serve various purposes. However, all these trends do not change basic management principles. Get to know what people need and deliver services beyond customers’ expectation are as usual in the center of strategic planning and marketing.

In the era of globalization, the world is flat and enterprises have to have fluid movement. It is essential that enterprises achieve fluidity from both the demand side and the supply side. You can manufacture the cheapest devices in the world due to excellent management of supply chains with no one buying because there is no support from the demand side. As the world evolves and Chinese enterprises are capable of engaging in global M&A, the fundamentals have not changed.


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