Air show 2012

The 9th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (namely Airshow China 2012) took place in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China, from Nov.13-18, 2012. The show was sponsored by Guangdong Provincial People’s Government, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Civil Aviation Administration of China, the Air Force of PLA, China Aviation Industry Corporation, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd., China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, with Zhuhai Airshow Co., Ltd. as the official organizer.

The biennial Airshow China is the only international aerospace trade show approved by the State Council, with Zhuhai appointed as the permanent host city. It features the display of real-size product, trade talks, technological exchange and flying display. Since 1996, the show has witnessed 8 successful sessions, emerging as one of the most famous airshows in the world. It is a gateway for international aerospace enterprises to showcase the latest products and technologies and a top exhibition brand name in Zhuhai.

The organizer of Airshow China devotes itself to making the show more international and professional. Exhibitor registration hit a new record of 28,200 sqm in indoor space that includes some 650 exhibitors with 80 aircraft from 39 countries and regions.

There is a new breakthrough in domestic participation. Airlines from CAAC, the Air Force of PLA, China Aviation Industry Corporation, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd.(COMAC), China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation and China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation had big presence and stage their most advanced aviation and aerospace products and technologies in various forms.

CAAC, along with the four major airlines in China, demonstrated the image of domestic airlines in a 1200 sqm booth. The Air Force of PLA unveiled a number of military aircraft and likely brought some veteran aircraft as well. China Aviation Industry Corporation showcased its full-range key products in military & civil aviation, helicopter, general aviation, engine and airborne systems, in addition to a fleet for outdoor static display. COMAC set up a multimedia booth that combined sound, light and electric fixtures. It used the white film projection, holographic touch screen and face recognition interactive wall to introduce its products and showcase its corporation image in a lively way, and the homemade jetliner ARJ 21flew to the show again for static display and flying demonstration. China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation showcased diversified aerospace technologies, launch vehicles and systems for civil applications, including the latest manned spaceship, missile launching vehicle, UAV and other products of global competitiveness. China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation focused on integrated arm systems. They displayed about 50 military products, including the attack-defense simulation system. Increased defense equipment was a new highlight at Airshow China 2012, featuring by China South Industries Group Corporation and its subsidiary companies’ debut at the show, which displayed a series of aero defense products. Xinxing Cathay International Group displayed the large-sized, instantly inflatable hangar, the only of its kind in China, and the advanced portable air traffic control tower. Private aerospace sectors such as Beijing Symbol of Power Technology Development Co., Ltd., Simmake UR Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Zenisun Group also played a bigger part the show.

The overseas exhibitors also see a big growth, improving the international scenario of the show. Airshow China’s world famous regular exhibitors including Boeing, Airbus, Rolls-Royce, SUKHOI and GE Aviation have signed up for the show. Some of them, like Bombardier, GIFAS, CFM International, and Honeywell had bigger booths. After years of absence from Airshow China, the world famous aviation enterprises, Goodrich, Bell Helicopter and Liebherr also came back, in addition to new comers like Eaton.

Flying display at Airshow China 2012 is always an eye-catching event that brings the audience excitement and pleasure.  A great number of military and civil aircraft from international manufacturers and operators displayed the latest type of aircraft and some of them conducted flying demonstration. The Chinese and overseas aerobatic teams staged thrilling maneuvers at Airshow China 2012. The August 1st Aerobatic Team of the Chinese Air Force flew J-10 fighters and performed their outstanding flying skills. Russian’s Knights, the only aerobatic team flying heavy fighters, came back to the Airshow China stage after 6 years absence and performed in the formation of 5 fighters. Breitling Jet Team, the only private aerobatic team in the world whose members are retired pilots from the French Air Force and French Patrouille de France Aerobatic Team, made its debut in China in 7 jets formation. This team, delivering more than 50 performances in European airshows, F1 Match and other sports competitions every year, is the champion of the FAI Flight Competition. Breitling Wing Walking Team, featured by two beauties standing on the wings of two Boeing Stearman aircraft, is also the very first time to Zhuhai. The amazing catwalk and dance of the two beauties on wings of the flying aircraft was full of excitement and enjoyment. Breitling Rocket Man Yves Rosy, known as the first flying human being in the world after flying across the English Channel and the Apls, performed at Airshow China 2012- in his jet power wings, and on aboard a helicopter; Rossy jumped out when the helicopter reached a certain altitude, turn on the 4 jet engines and fly for 6 to 8 minutes in the sky

The professional scenario of Airshow China 2012 was also highlighted by high-profile conferences and forums of various topics in the industry, including Airshow China 2012 B to B Meetings, China International Aviation & Aerospace Summit, China International General Aviation Forum, GHMT Aviation Industries Forum, the 3rd China Aviation Day, COMAC Night and Aerospace Laureate Awards.


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