“Beautiful China” issued to spread silk culture

A promotional video on China’s silk named “Beautiful China” , which is issued by National Cocoon and Silk Coordination Office of MOFCOM, began the full-day rotating broadcast on the China screen at New York’s Times Square on December 20, and was also broadcast on overseas mainstream media such as ICN, BON, WCTV and HK TVB-8.

The 30-second video “Beautiful China” was shot for nearly two years. The video is elegant and beautiful, just like a silk scroll gently unfolded. It shows China’s silk craftsmanship with a long history behind it, world silk trade lasting for about one thousand years, the splendid history of the Silk Road as the main channel for ancient eastern and western economic and cultural exchanges, and the comfortable and gorgeous silk products, which attracted passers-by at the time it was broadcast.

The video “Beautiful China” is an important part of “the entire publicity activities for China’s silk culture” of National Cocoon and Silk Coordination Office. The overseas broadcasting of the video will last for 58 days for 1,160 times. It aims to publicize to the western countries the concept of “silk is from China” and “the whole world shares China’s silk”. It is an important measure of MOFCOM to increase international influence of China’s silk culture and the added value of China’s silk products, and enhance the strength of China’s entire culture and the competitiveness of the silk industry.

In recent years, China’s silk industry has realized sustainable, steady and healthy development. First, the status of China as a silk manufacturing and trading power has been further strengthened. In 2011, the output of China’s silkworm cocoon and raw silk accounted for 85% and 75% of world total, and the export of natural silk and silk fabrics made up of 90% and 60% of the international total. Second, the cluster construction of the silk industry has been preliminary realized, forming the distinctive clusters represented by “silk quilt and pure silk blanket” of Tongxiang city, “silk” of Nanchong, “cocoon silk” of Haian, and “pure silk necktie” of Shengzhou. Third, the mix of silk products has been further optimized. Besides traditional silk clothes, diversified products such as silk accessories, silk home textiles and silk gifts have emerged continuously. Fourth, the popularity of local silk brands has been gradually enhanced, and a batch of brands such as Soho, Cathaya and Wensli sprung up.

Source: Ministry of Commerce Website; http://english.mofcom.gov.cn/aarticle/newsrelease/significantnews/201212/20121208500289.html


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