Legislative Yuan Speaker of Taiwan: Mr. Wang, Jin-Pyng

On February 1, 1999, the last year of the 20th century, Wang, Jin-Pyng at the opening session of the Forth Term of the Legislative Yuan was elected as the Speaker of Legislative Yuan with a major vote of 135 out of 225 seats. This marks 23 years of effort in public service since he took up his first public post as a legislator in 1976. Leading the congress to cross to the new century gives him an indelible position in the political history of Taiwan.

Wang, Jin-Pyng was born in 1940 at “Yi-Chia” of Luchu Hsiang, Kaohsiung County. It was a simple rural village community. He belonged to a large family. This leads to his mild characters and makes him smooth in negotiations. This also made him the perfect candidate for the post of speaker of the Legislative Yuan.

The core of Wang’s big family is Wang, Chin-Pyng’s father. Whenever you mention the name of Wang-Ko, a man not knowing a single word but filled with entrepreneurship, Wang, Chin-Pyng would say to you in a voice of adoration, “Father has six brothers, he is the elder one. Although he had not had the chance to receive proper education, he always analyzed matters with penetrating views. The two most important things that he taught me are to be earnest and sincere.”

After he finished his elementary education at Tainan Municipal Da-she Elementary School, Wang, Jin-Pyng entered Tainan First High in which he finished his junior and senior high school education without changing schools. Afterwards he entered the Department of Mathematics of the National Taiwan Normal University.

As Wang, Jin-Pyng recalled his youth years, he never thought about what he would do in the future. After he graduated from university, he taught mathematics for one year at Provincial Chin Teh Senior High of Chang-Hwa County then went to serve his military duties. After leaving the army, he went back home and worked at the food factory owned by his family. His job responsibility was import and export trade. Of course, he never thought about becoming a politician during his entire life so far!

Coming home after he was discharged from the army and at the same time getting involved in handling the family business, elders began to urge Wang, Jin-Pyng to get himself a wife as soon as possible. On March 26, 1969, at the anniversary celebration of Shih Chien College of Home Economics, Wang, Jin-Pyng met his wife Ms. Chen, Tsai-Lien for the first time. It was love at first sight. On May 25, their parents held their engagement ceremony at the Mandarina Crown Hotel. Married since then, they went hand in hand through each day.

In early 1975, Wang, Jin-Pyng represented his family business to participate in the founding of the Kaohsiung County Industrial Association and became president of the council. In less than a year Wang, Jin-Pyng had been to every corner of Kaohsiung County in order to understand the condition of factories and mediating disputes. This action won him the friendship of almost all and built his reputation in Kaohsiung County.

By the end of 1975, the original legislator from Kaohsiung Mr. Huang, Tung-Shu gave up running to renew his term of office. Local figures after discussion asked him to run for the post due to his fresh and friendly image. This is the beginning of Wang, Jin-Pyng’s lifelong devotion to politics.

Robert Louis Stevenson once said, “Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary.” Recalling how he got himself involved in politics, Wang, Jin-Pyng said, “As I remember it was the funeral day of the late President Chiang Kai-shek in 1975, I received a call from my oldest brother living in the south. That phone call changed my career. I never thought about becoming a politician.” Wang, Jin-Pyng remembers that his brother insisted that he took a plane down south for the discussion of an important matter. He met with his older brother and other public representatives such as the county magistrate, local party committee members and other “politicians”. The first question thrown at him was “Would you like to run for legislator?” “I must be honest with you all. I have no idea what a legislator should do, but if you want me to run, I will not let you down.” Hearing his own voice echoed in the wind, a shiver of fear climbed into Wang, Jin-Pyng’s heart. A commitment is a commitment! He said to himself. Perhaps it’s his fate to become a politician. With 194,444 supporting votes from fellow countrymen, he was elected as legislator with the second highest vote. A new star was born in Taiwan’s political field. Then he ran to renew his post and quick as lightening, before he knew it, 37 years had gone by.

On February 1, 1993, Wang, Chin-Pyng was KMT’s candidate nominated for the post of Vice-speaker of the Legislative Yuan. He successfully captured the post and started leading the congress. Serving two consecutive terms from February 1, 1993 to January 31, 1999, Wang, Jin-Pyng’s performance was obvious to all.

Wang, Jin-Pyng built his high reputation in his six-year term as vice-speaker of the Legislative Yuan. On February 1, 1999, after over twenty years of efforts, Wang, Jin-Pyng became the Speaker of the Legislative Yuan as everyone had hoped.

In the field of politics, no one ever doubts the unique political charm possessed by Wang, Jin-Pyng. Although there are so many problems confronting him in the Legislative Yuan, he always stays firm and handles them with a calm mood-always achieving his goal at the end.

“We must start a “Golden Age” in order to let the public have their “Peaceful Years”. This is his core concept as a politician. Wang, Jin-Pyng always faces his tasks with a smiling face and clearly defined logical ways to interpret issues. He said, “ As the Speaker of Legislative Yuan, I’m an instrument of the country. So I must maintain the function and dignity of the Legislative Yuan. In the structure of social actors, we should play a leading role.”

Aside from being the Speaker of the Legislative Yuan, KMT’s Central Standing Committee Member and these “official posts”, he also holds other pubic positions such as Director of China-Japan Congress Member Interactions Association, President of the Council for Taiwan Major League Baseball Association, Board Chairman of the Formosa Cancer Foundation, President of the Council for National Volunteer Fire Fighters’ Association, Honored Board Chairman of the Charity Mothers Association and Honored Board Chairman of the National No-Barrier Space Development Association…etc.

Source: http://www.ly.gov.tw/en/02_chief/chiefBiography.action?id=1


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