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Legislative Yuan Speaker of Taiwan: Mr. Wang, Jin-Pyng

On February 1, 1999, the last year of the 20th century, Wang, Jin-Pyng at the opening session of the Forth Term of the Legislative Yuan was elected as the Speaker of Legislative Yuan with a major vote of 135 out of 225 seats. This marks 23 years of effort in public service since he took up his first public post as a legislator in 1976. Leading the congress to cross to the new century gives him an indelible position in the political history of Taiwan. Continue reading


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The dragon failed to soar

Cheming Yang

The year of dragon is nearing its end as 2012 is concluding. What have we turned in in terms of economical performance in the year 2012?

The GDP growth of mainland China is going to reach 7.5% at least, a very coveted number by most countries. However, it reflects a slow down from previous years. The situation in Taiwan is even worse. The latest estimate of Academia Sinica of Taiwan is at 0.93%. Hong Kong is not doing much better. The current estimate is at 1.2%. The Macau economy is expected to see a growth of 9.8 percent this year thanks to gambling revenues. But it is still a slow down compared to the previous two years. Continue reading

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