Snake year strategies

Cheming Yang

Happy snake year. We are back in full swing after the Chinese new year’s holidays. As indicated before. the dragon year was not a good year for global economy. With 2 months gone in 2013, what can we expect of the snake year?

It is believed that dragons can fly. Snakes definitely cannot fly. Symbologically speaking, the snake year cannot move as fast and soar as high as the dragon year. But this is not to say that snakes cannot be more agile and vibrant. Regardless, time won’t wait and we still need to figure out our financial strategies in the snake year.

If we use 2012 as the base year, the base is certainly low. The GDP growth of mainlaind China is below 8 and that of Taiwan is below 2. Most believe that the worst is gone. Therefore, a better than base year growth is expected in the stock market as the growth in GDPs are expected to rebound. As such, the snake year should not be bad for financial investment.

China will have a brandnew leadership in the snake year from the political parties to the government. As such, the financial market will not peroform badly for sure, and yet will not be volatile at the same time due to the outcry for stability and equity after the global financial crises.

No doubt profits and prospects of individual stock will determine its fair share price in the market and investors should consider each stock based on its own merits. Most financial analysts view the financial and real estate sectors favorably. The outlooks for environmental protection, military, matieral, agriculture and healthcare industries are also predicted to be optimistic.


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