2012 TIPO Patent and Trademark Applications

In 2012, TIPO received a total of 85,073 patent applications and 74,357 trademark applications from all over the world, marking a steady increase of 2.5% and 10.0% respectively over the previous year. Foreign applicants in particular have shown liveliness in the IP activities in Taiwan, with Japan and the U.S. being the liveliest.

Applications for the three types of patents (51,189 inventions, 25,636 utility models, and 8,248 designs) received by TIPO in 2012 registered a positive growth over the previous year. The number of invention patent applications grew by 2.2% mainly because of an increase in foreign applications (28,112). However, the number of invention patent applications filed by ROC nationals (23,077) dropped slightly. On the other hand, the numbers of both utility model and design patent applications filed by ROC nationals were larger than those filed by non-nationals, with utility model (24,427) claiming majority in terms of filing number.

The year 2012 saw growth in applications for both patent and trademark registration filed by non-nationals. Patent applications, for instance, totaled 32,558, marking a 5.8% increase over the previous year. Among the top three patent filing countries, Japan has stayed on top for many consecutive years and in 2012 hit a record high with 13,978 applications; of these, 12,646 were filed for invention patent, far surpassing those of other countries and showing Japan as being the most eager in developing patent portfolio in Taiwan. The United States has ranked second for many consecutive years and whose applications in 2012 totaled 8,286, representing a steady growth. Mainland China, with an impressive 46.4% growth (1,945) over the previous year, ousted Republic of Korea and Germany and leaped to the number 3 spot; of these, invention patent applications (1,254) registered a near 80% growth, indicating the country’s rapid catch-up in recent years which in turn deserves further observation.

In trademark, applications filed by foreign applicants totaled 18,661, representing an 11.6% increase over the previous year. Among the top three trademark filing countries, Japan returned to the top spot with 4,270 applications, which accounted for a 20.6% increase over previous year and again indicated the country’s eagerness in exploring Taiwanese market. Although the U.S. (3,841) fell to second place, its number of applications still registered a slight growth. Mainland China (2,544), with application number exceeding 2,000 and accounting for a 29.3% increase, is the fastest growing region.

As shown in the figures above, patent and trademark applications filed by non-nationals have seen steady growth, with Japan and the U.S. still claiming the top 2 spots. Mainland China, meanwhile, with burgeoning economic prowess, is quickly developing patent and trademark portfolio in the Taiwanese market.

Source: http://www.tipo.gov.tw/en/News_NewsContent.aspx?NewsID=6574


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