Pharmaceutical circulation industry of China broke the ceiling in 2012

According to the preliminary statistics by MOFCOM, total sales of pharmaceutical circulation industry of China in 2012 reached 1.11 trillion Yuan, over one trillion Yuan for the first time, up by 18% year on year and down by five percentage points in growth rates with incomparable factors excluded. Among that, total retail sales amounted to 222.5 billion Yuan, up by 16% year on year and down by four percentage points.

The revenues from annual sales of main businesses in top three business groups accounted for 28.9% of the national sales, an increase of 2.31 percentage points over the previous year; and pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises with annual sales of over 10 billion Yuan added to 10 from 8 in 2011.

MOFCOM statistics on pharmaceutical circulation industry shows that the revenues of main businesses from sales in 848 pharmaceutical enterprises totaled 794.2 billion Yuan in 2012, up by 20% year on year, with total profits of 16.4 billion Yuan, up by 16.5% year on year; rates of gross profit, average profit and average cost were 6.9%, 1.9% and 5.2% respectively.

Source: Ministry of Commerce Website;


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