China will increase Aid for Trade within her ability

WTO Fourth Global Review of Aid for Trade was held in Geneva on 8-10 July 2013. Mr. Li Jinzao, Vice Minister of Commerce, head of Chinese delegation, attended the review and expressed China’s position on on issues of China’s contribution to the world economy and China’s “Aid for Trade”. Mr. Yi Xiaozhun, China’s Ambassador, also attended the review.
Mr. Li Jinzao said that China, as a developing country with the biggest population in the world, is committed itself to the reduction of poverty and makes contributions to the world economy by development. According to statistics, the average annual imports of China in the past ten years are 750 billions USD, which means 14 million job opportunities were created for our trade partners and the rate of China’s contribution to the world economy was more than 20%. With the transformation of China’s “expanding domestic demand and consumption”, China will be able to provide other countries with more opportunities in trade, investment and development.
Mr. Li Jinzao said that the various contents and diversified forms in “Aid for Trade” China has offered much practical help to the recipient countries: 1, China put forward a proposal of making contributions to“Aid for Trade”, seting up “China Project”in order to help the least developed countries join the multilateral trading system. 2, China promise to apply zero tariffs on 97% imports from the least developed countries that have established diplomatic relations with China to help them expand their imports 3, China encourage domestic enterprises to increase investment and widen investment areas, advance the recipient countries’ trade development through improving their productivity first. Besides, we launch many production projects in the recipient countries in order to improve their productivity, expand their trade scale and optimize their trade structures. 4, we strengthen the construction of infrastruture relating to the trade development, which aims to improve the recipient countries’ transport conditions and develop their trade with more convenience.
Mr. Li Jinzao also said that China will do her best to strengthen her “Aid for Trade” step by step according to its own economic development as well as the requirements of the recipient countries. China will continue its multilateral and regional cooperation to aid the developing countries in need in some infrastruture projects that will play a very important role in the trade development. And China will, further deepen the technique cooperation and personnel training to enhance the trading ability of the recipient countries and fulfill her promise of zero tariffs so as to expand export of the least developed countries to China.
Source: Ministry of Commerce Website;


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