During February 17-18, the National Conference on E-commerce (hereinafter referred to as the “Conference”) was held in Taiyuan, during which the work of e-commerce in 2013 was summarized and the major work of 2014 was deployed. Assistant Minister of Commerce of PRC, Mr. Wang Bingnan attended and addressed the Conference.
Wang Bingnan pointed out in his speech that the effect of e-commerce on national economy constantly deepened and drove the overall reform of economic activities. E-commerce has become an important method to promote the leapfrog development of commercial work. In terms of future development, mobile e-commerce, big data application and trans-boundary operation would become the new direction of development.
Wang Bingnan put forward six tasks to be grasped to develop e-commerce. First, strengthen top-level design, plan and guid the industrial development scientifically. Second, strive to develop e-commerce in rural areas and that of agriculture products. Well promote the application and popularization of the public service platform of commercial information of agricultural products nationwide. Thirdly, plan domestic and overseas markets as a whole, and promote the going out of e-commerce enterprises.
Fourthly, encourage the early and pilot implementation and promote reforms through demonstrations. We should positively carry out the construction of e-commerce demonstration base and demonstration enterprises, make full use of their cluster advantages and radiation effects, innovate public service modes and establish and improve the e-commerce public service platform. Fifthly, accelerate the business credit system building. We will intensify the strike on the counterfeit and shoddy behavior in e-commerce field and strengthen intellectual property protection so as to build a fair market environment. Sixthly, establish an e-commerce statistics and monitoring system and an e-commerce talents training system to push the establishment of national e-commerce talents pool.
Finally, Mr. Wang Bingnan stressed that, the commerce system should carefully carry out the spirits of the third plenary session of the 18th CPC central committee, constantly improve the e-commerce development environment and promote the system building in light of requirements of deepening domestic trade and circulation system reforms and that of establishment of legal environment of business so as to promote the development of e-commerce comprehensively.
During the meeting, the Ministry of Commerce opened the national e-commerce information management analysis system and national agro-foodstuff business information public service platform.
Source: http://english.mofcom.gov.cn/article/newsrelease/significantnews/201402/20140200500891.shtml


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