Consensus on numerous issues reached at cross-strait meeting

Consensus was reached on nine agreements and 22 issues at the cross-strait agreement review meeting held in Changsha of mainland China’s Hunan province on February 20 and 21.

The issues that were resolved include flight transfers in Taiwanese airports by mainland Chinese tourists, marine express shipping, the return of looted cash and goods, exports of Taiwanese processed livestock and poultry products to the mainland, express mainland customs clearance of Taiwanese fresh fruit from quarantine and inspection, and cooperation on pharmaceutical research and development projects.

“Taiwan has made progress on important issues about which citizens are concerned,” Taiwanese Premier Jiang, Yi-huah, said after listening to the MAC’s briefing on the subject at the weekly cabinet meeting. He particularly complimented and recognized the efforts made by the MAC, the Straits Exchange Foundation, and representatives from relevant ministries at the talks.

Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou has announced that this year is crucial for improving the economy, emphasized Jiang, who requested the Ministry of Transportation and Communications to draw up response measures for issues closely related to economic development, such as allowing mainland tourists to transfer between international flights in Taiwanese airports, and be prepared to fight for Taiwan’s best interests.

Implementing the agreement’s contents is as important as signing it, Jiang continued. For instance, Taiwan’s pharmaceutical and health industries have constantly pushed mainland authorities to adjust their biological and medical research policies in accordance with the cross-strait agreements, which enjoined each side to refer to the other’s policies. Jiang instructed the MAC and other competent agencies to keep urging their mainland Chinese counterparts for affirmative responses and also to explain to the public how the agreements are being implemented in order to win its support for the government’s cross-strait strategy.



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