Multiple measures to accelerate development of trade logistics

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has focused on reducing logistics cost and deploying business and trade logistics work as a whole, and made much progress.

I. Solid progress has been made with a focus on the standardization of business and trade logistics

The Ministry of Commerce and the National Standards Commission specially set up the leading group of standardization of business and trade logistics, and put forward the idea of starting with business and trade logistics, cutting in with the standardization of pallets and combining standardized guidance with pilot promotion. In June, they jointly issued Opinions on Accelerating Promoting Standardization of Business and Trade Logistics to guide local departments to center on improving the standard system, accelerate the amendment of the standard system of key industries, strengthen the implementation and promotion of the standards, conduct pilot and demonstration of standardization, and improve guarantee measures.

Local commerce departments in various regions paid much attention to business and trade logistics. Liaoning, Guangdong and other provinces set up logistics standard working committees and technical committees of standardization of the Internet of Things respectively to systematically comb through 704 logistics standards in China. Jiangxi promoted the implementation of nine new measures such as the Norm of Logistics Service Contracts, and Service Standards and Assessment Indicators of Logistics Parks, and started establishing demonstration enterprises and parks. The Department of Commerce of Guizhou, together with the Bureau of Quality Supervision, built “Logistics Standard Base in Guizhou” and guided evaluation and authentication of logistics enterprises and training of logistician. Shanghai actively promoted movable asset finance and local standard of reverse logistics. Heze city of Shandong province established its leading group of standardization of logistics and set up a standard reward system.

II. Work has been done to sum up pilot experience and guide local departments with creative results.

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce has summed up such advanced experience and practice as joint distribution in cities. Such business documents and supporting standards as Development Guidance of Distribution in Cities, Case Guidance of The Establishment of Comprehensive Information Service Platforms of The Third Party Logistics, Notification on Strengthening Management of Joint Distribution Pilots in Cities and Statistical Indicator System and Performance Evaluation Methods of City Distribution were issued successively to guide local departments. The statistics and analysis system of business and trade logistics and the mechanism of focusing on contacting enterprises were established. In the second half of this year, Opinions on Promoting the Development of Business and Trade Logistics by The Ministry of Commerce will be issued to guide local departments to do their job in six aspects, that is, focusing on raising the socialization level and supporting development of the third logistics enterprises, raising the professional level and promoting development of commercial logistics in key fields, raising the standardization level and accelerating application of standards, raising the informatization level and building multilevel logistics information platforms, raising the organizational level and encouraging enterprises to be great and strong, and raising the internationalization level and promoting opening-up and international cooperation.

The role of policy orientation has gradually appeared to let one unit guide a whole area and exert a radiation effect. Valuable experience has been obtained in some pilot programs, such as 22 joint distribution pilot cities, city distribution service system designed by system, distribution network covering three grades, establishment of joint distribution information service platforms, innovative freight transport, service of booking online and being sent by stores and public self-help picking cabinet. Recently, the department of commerce of Jiangsu province, together with some other departments, jointly issued Opinions on Promoting City Joint Distribution and launched and deployed joint distribution in the whole province.

III. Coordination has been strengthened to implement relevant policies of the development of logistics industry.

Medium and Long-term Plans on The Development of National Logistics Industry (2014-2020) has been studied and formulated under the cooperation with relevant departments and the supporting direction and preferential policies of the development of logistics industry have been defined this year. In order to do a good job in coordination, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued Notification on Strengthening City Distribution and Transportation and The Management Work of Vehicles to improve the environment of city distribution. Mutual coordination has been strengthened,e-commerce has been conducted with the cooperation with the State Post Bureau and pilots have been developed with the coordination with the express delivery industry. Meanwhile, the requirements for the development of the industry have been actively forwarded to relevant departments and policies and suggestions on such aspects as logistics land, water and electricity and tax revenue have been put forward.

Local governments placed the trade logistics at the same level of promoting the development of distribution industry and strengthening city management, took multiple measures and tried every means to solve problems. For example, Inner Mongolia actively pushes forward sort management of city distribution vehicles and ordinary freight vehicles and relevant cities are studying method of unified label, standard vehicle model and sort management for distribution vehicles. Shijiangzhuang city formulated management opinions and methods for electro-tricycles of express industry, actively conducted “management for three kinds of vehicles”and implemented the practice of unified vehicle, color, label and number. Zibo city formulated measures of providing transportation cards for special purpose vehicles of distribution and opening green channels. Guiyang, Taiyuan and Changchun organized city distribution motorcades with unified standards and labels so as to actively solve the difficulties of distribution vehicles.



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