China’s Ministry of Commerce held the Working Meeting on Building the National Traceability System in Beijing on August 20, to plan how to implement Opinions of the State Council on Promoting Fair Market Competition and Maintaining Normal Market Order, and push forward the construction of the major product traceability system. Vice Minister of Commerce Fang Aiqing attended and addressed the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that in the current situation, promoting the construction of themajor product traceability system is of great importance to transforming the government functions, increasing the capability of public service, promoting the integrity of management, maintaining market order, improving the safety and quality of food and drugs, shoring up consumers’ confidence, and completingthe modern market system. All parts of the country should fully recognize the significance of building the major product traceability systemand truly intensify the sense of responsibility and urgency of the work.

The Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance vigorously promoted the construction of the traceability system of meat, vegetables and medicinal materials, explored to promote management innovation driven by technical innovation and drove circulating modernization by informatization, which have reflected the requirements of governing for the people and laid a solid foundation for promoting the construction ofthe major product traceability system. Over the years, 75 cities and more than 20,000 enterprises have piloted the system, expected to benefit 400 million people. The first two batches of 20 cities have established the traceability system in more than 6,000 enterprises, which have preliminarily formed a tracing information chain that sources can be examined, destinations can be traced and responsibility can be pursued, played a more and more important role in promoting integrity of management, improving consumers’ confidence and serving government management, and expanded the social influence.

The meeting stressed that all parts of the country should earnestly carry out the spirit of the document issued by the State Council, insist on comprehensive measures, and promote the construction of the traceability system using such important products as meat, vegetables and traditional Chinese medicinal materials as a breakthrough. Firstly, operating effect should be used as the test criterion, the requirements of long-acting operating should be guaranteed to run through the who construction process and efforts should be made to do a good job in electronic clearing of wholesale markets so as to guarantee both quality and quantity of the construction of the traceability system. Secondly, market-oriented means should be well used and the concept that traceability is safer should be intensified so as to attract consumers to actively purchase traceable products and actively ask for shopping receipts, make traceable products enjoy high quality and high price and enterprises great and strong, and inspire enterprises and operators consciously use inner motivation ofthe traceability system. Thirdly, administrative means should be well used, resource management and management means should be integrated, operating supervision mechanism should be perfected and daily operating management of the traceability system should be intensified. Fourthly, legal means should be well used, the construction of supporting regulations and rules should be strengthened and effective operating security mechanism should be gradually formed. Fifthly, popularization and application of data should be intensified, tracing and applied modes should be innovated, service functions for government departments and the public should be continuously improved and the role of thetraceability system should be truly played.

Attending the meeting were heads of the commercial departments in all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and pilot cities and about 150 representatives from such relevant departments as the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Information, the Ministry of Agriculture, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, China Food and Drug Administration and the State Administrative Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine.



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