4th plenary session of CPC Central Committee

The fourth plenary session of the 18th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee was held in Beijing from Oct. 20 to 23. The theme of the session is the rule of law. The Central Committee announced a communique after its closing on Oct 23.

Following are the highlights of the document, which focuses on “comprehensively advancing the rule of law” in China.
— The general target is to form a system serving “the socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics” and build a country under “the socialist rule of law”.
— China will ensure the leadership of CPC in “the socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics”.
— The major tasks are to improve a socialist system of laws with Chinese characteristics, in which the Constitution is taken as the core, to strengthen the implementation of the Constitution, to promote administration by law, to speed up building a law-abiding government, to safeguard judicial justice, to improve judicial credibility, to promote the public awareness of rule of law, to enhance the building of a law-based society, to improve team building and to sharpen the CPC’s leadership in pushing forward rule of law.
— To realize the rule of law, the country should be ruled in line with the Constitution.
— The system to ensure the implementation of the Constitution and to supervise the implementation should be improved.
— The National People’s Congress and its Standing Committee should play a better role in supervising the Constitution’s implementation.
— China will work to build a law-abiding government.
— A mechanism to examine the legitimacy of major decision-making in governments should be set up, with a lifelong liability accounting system for major decisions and a retrospective mechanism to hold people accountable for wrong decisions.
— China will promote transparency of government affairs.
— A mechanism will be set up to record officials who interfere in judicial cases and name them publicly to hold them accountable.

Source: http://english.gov.cn/top_news/2014/10/24/content_281475000839813.htm


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