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25th anniversary of APEC

Since 1989, APEC’s 21 member economies have been working to improve prosperity in the Asia-Pacific by promoting trade and economic ties while addressing sustainability and social equity.
25 years later, the region has reaped the benefits. Growth has soared, with real GDP doubling from just USD 15 trillion in 1989 to USD 30 trillion in 2012. Meanwhile, residents of the Asia-Pacific saw their per capita income rise by 36 per cent, lifting millions out of poverty and creating a growing middle class in just over two decades. Continue reading


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Inequity is poisonous for election

Cheming Yang

On the last weekend of November, Taiwan finished a major election for 9 categories of representatives and government officials including city and county mayors peacefully. The election was a success in terms of its processes. However, it has been a debacle for the ruling party, KMT. The opposition party, DPP, has won a sweeping victory and pocketed 13 of the 22 mayoral positions up for grab, and the independent won three, including Taipei city. Continue reading

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