Public service platforms for small and medium-sized circulation enterprises

In 2014, Chinese Ministry of Commerce made efforts to promote the pilot construction of public service platforms for small and medium-sized circulation enterprises, through constructing the public service platforms and playing their leading, driving and connecting role, guiding all kinds of social services to provide information consultancy, financing, market exploiting, personnel training and e-commerce application in a manner combining public benefit and the market.
Up to now, the pilot work has covered 48 cities in 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, the construction and operation mode has been basically formed, and the service items and modes have been well received by the enterprise. The coordination mechanism of various departments has been basically formed, financial support policies have been optimizing, and the work of small and medium-sized circulation enterprises has gained recognition and supports from various aspects.
Firstly, service platforms combining entities and networks have been constructed. The pilot regions have all had the undertaken subjects of the platforms with the non-profit institution nature, 24 regional service halls have been put into use, and 16 regional network platforms have been in operation. At least 260 work stations and 779 contact points have been set up in local commercial departments, all kinds of business areas, specialized markets and industrial associations and 1,326 professional service organizations have been selected. The team to serve small and medium-sized circulation enterprises has been basically formed.
Secondly, targeted services have been implemented according to the real demands of the enterprises. Following the principle of “servicing while constructing”, the local departments have found out the common demands of small and medium-sized circulation enterprises through surveys, and provided targeted services. We paid attention to the combination of public benefit and the market, and while providing free services like information consultancy and market exploiting, we also provided personalized services through setting up service alliances and introducing professional service organizations. By the end of November 2014, over 300,000 enterprises benefited, among which 1,925 matchmaking activities of supply and demand information and 232 business lectures have been held, more than 37,000 pieces of policy and market information have been provided, and information consultancy service has been provided to more than 60,000 enterprises; we have organized 68,000 personnel to take part in professional training, and solved management problems for 18,000 enterprises; we also helped 100,000 enterprises gain more than 200 billion yuan financing through matchmaking banks and enterprises, constructing mutual aid cooperation funds, providing loan guarantee subsidy and developing pawn; we have held 155 exhibitions and selling activities, and organized 34,000 enterprises to participate, signing purchase and sale contracts with more than 49 billion yuan.
Thirdly, resources were fully integrated to form comprehensive service advantages. Following the principle of “guided by the government, participating by society, and operated by the market”, local governments innovated platform construction and operating modes, integrating and using resources, continuously broadening the functions and service domains of the platforms, and entrusted the services like statistical monitoring, exhibition organization, fund declaration and records acceptance which were carried out by commercial departments to the platforms, building the platforms to comprehensive ones for local commercial departments to fulfill their function of public service and provide all-round service to enterprises. Qingdao rendered its service to small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of foreign trade and foreign investment, in order to forge a public service platform integrating domestic and foreign trade; the service platform of Jinhua city of Zhejiang province also undertook the function of serving small and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial field, and the public service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises integrating industry and trade has been formed initially. At the same time when promoting the construction of platforms at the city level, Hunan province also actively constructed the provincial level service platform, in order to forge an interaction service platform network connecting the province and the cities.
On the basis of summarizing experience and optimizing modes, the Ministry of Commerce will, together with related departments, further optimize supporting policies, strengthen supervision and performance evaluation, and deeply promote the construction of public service platforms for small and medium-sized circulation enterprises nationwide, to create a favorable environment for the sustainable and healthy development of small and medium-sized circulation enterprises.


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