Combating IPR infringement and counterfeiting in teleconference

The national teleconference on combating IPR infringement and counterfeiting was held in Beijing on March 18, and Vice Premier Wang Yang attended and addressed the meeting. He stressed that the work of combating IPR infringement and counterfeiting is in the vital interests of the public, and closely related with the construction of an innovation-oriented country and China’s international image. To make it adapt to the new requirements of the new normal of economic development and rule of law, efforts shall be made to tackle problems and their root causes, implement responsibilities, strengthen coordination and support and strive for a new situation of combating IPR infringement and counterfeiting work in accordance with laws.
Wang said since the new government came into office, all regions and departments have genuinely implemented the instructions of the central government and the State Council to conduct over 20 campaigns against IPR infringement and counterfeiting, deal with more than 500,000 illegal cases, capture 85,000 suspects and sentence more than 40,000 people, effectively avoiding the spread of IPR infringement and counterfeiting behaviors. The governmental departments have completed software legalization work as scheduled, fully honoring their solemn commitment.
Wang stressed that the overall situation of combating IPR infringement and counterfeiting work is still severe. Specific campaigns in major areas will be conducted continuously, that in Internet areas has been extended to the end of 2015, the specific campaign in gasoline and diesel for vehicle use has spread nationwide, and that in rural and urban fringe areas has been advanced deeply. A campaign of “Breeze Action” aiming to maintain the international image of “made in China” will be launched and major exports to Africa, Asia, Latin America and countries along the Belt and Road Initiatives will be rectified. Fruits of software legalization will be consolidated and expanded and a long-time mechanism shall be improved. The system of making public the information on dministrative penalty cases should be carried out. The government, enterprises, associations and the public shall play a joint role in building a new landscape of social governance to combat IPR infringement and counterfeiting.


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