Cycling on Hainan Island

Hainan is well suited to bicycle trips, especially if you enjoy rural landscapes and natural beauty. Away from the heavy industry of mainland China, Hainan has a pleasant environment for cycling. Hainan offers beaches, mountains, jungle, coconut plantations, waterfalls, minority villages, and a couple of cities for exploring.

Hainan hosts at least one professional cycle competition, the Tour of Hainan.

Bring your own bike to Hainan or rent one from a bicycle shop in Haikou. Haikou has a fairly good bike shop where you can rent good quality bicycles for reasonable prices.

Cycle trips can range between 1 day to 3 weeks. It would probably take atleast a week to get a general view of Hainan. To see all the best parts of the island at a relaxed pace plan around 3 weeks.

Road conditions around Hainan vary widely, from bumpy mud tracks to good modern asphalt roads.

There are many possible cycle routes. A shorter cycle trip would be from Haikou to the coconut plantations of DongJiao near Wenchang (distance 100 km one way). This could take from 1-3 days depending on fitness and time constraints. Another route would be Haikou to Sanya through the centre of Hainan (250 km). The central road is in good condition and passes through very beautiful rural landscapes and mountains. Venture off the central road and find waterfalls and minority villages. Arrive at the beaches in Sanya.



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