Open up the Chinese market through Guangdong Free Trade Zone

On May 1, the Communication Meeting between the Import Exhibition Area of the Canton Fair and Guangdong Free Trade Zone was held in the Exhibition Hall of the Canton Fair. The meeting was attended by officials from the Consulates of Indonesia, Malaysia and India to Guangdong, some famous outbound trade promotion agencies like the Enterprises Bureau of Estonia, the Alliance of Export Organizations of India, the Bureau of Foreign Trade Development of Malaysia, the Bureau of Trade Development of Hong Kong, the Bureau of Trade and Investment Promotion of Macao, the Cross-Straits Association of Economic and Trade Exchange and Taiwan Trade Center, and the representatives of enterprises in Guangdong Free Trade Zone and the outbound enterprises in the Import Exhibition Area of the Canton Fair.

“In recent years, the contribution of China to the world consumption and trade growth has continuously improved, and its foreign trade policies have also changed from earning foreign currencies through export to the balanced development of import and export, realizing trade equilibrium. Li Jinqi, the Deputy Director and General Secretary of the Canton Fair and the Director of China Foreign Trade Center, said at the meeting. He also said that the official release of the vision and action documents of “One Belt and One Road”(the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road), and the formulation of the new pattern of Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai and Tianjin Free Trade Zones, opens a new window and offers opportunities to comprehensively deepen the opening up and reform.

Li Jinqi said that, standing at the forefront of expanding opening up, the communication meeting integrated the high-quality outbound resources of the import exhibition area of the Canton Fair and the innovative regional advantages of Guangdong Free Trade Zone, and acted jointly in order to create an in-depth communication opportunity face to face for the overseas exhibitors and enterprises in the Free Trade Zone who aspire to exploit the Chinese market with mature products and excellent qualifications, to explore the new development opportunities brought by the economic corridor of the “One Belt and One Road” and the framework of the close cooperation of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

In the Import Exhibition Area of the Canton Fair this year, apart from the exhibition groups from Turkey, Egypt, India, ROK, Malaysia and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan that have long-term cooperation with us, exhibition groups from Germany, Estonia, Japan and Indonesia were newly added, and enterprises from the U.S., the Britain, Switzerland and Russia were introduced.

At the Canton Fair, some outbound representatives hoped to find out the “golden key” to open the door of the Chinese market, with the help of China’s construction of Free Trade Zone while making advantage of the favorable business environment and convenient trade and investment conditions of the Free Trade Zone.

The Director of the Chinese Market of the Bureau of Enterprises of Estonia made a promotion of the key enterprises and products of the Estonia exhibition group of the Canton Fair. She said that the Chinese government has regarded the Free Trade Zone as an important driving force of promoting reform and innovation, and the Guangdong Free Trade Zone has brought new opportunities to the enterprise of Estonia. The high-quality products of Estonia like the high-end loudspeaker, beer, milk powder and natural honey would also benefit the Chinese consumers.

The Chinese enterprises in the Guangdong Free Trade Zone hoped to exploit more overseas resources, to grasp the international market dynamics and to exploit business opportunities through the Canton Fair. Near a hundred of enterprises in the Guangdong Free Trade Zone and Chinese import purchasers had communications with the outbound exhibitors of the import exhibition area of the Canton Fair.

The Deputy Director of the Commercial Office of Guangdong province and the Director of the General Office of the Guangdong Free Trade Zone Zheng Jianrong said to the outbound exhibitors that the emphases of the next step of the listed Guangdong Free Trade Zone are to construct the enterprises credit system, and to set up the publicity system of the credit information of the market entities. “The enterprises of the Guangdong Free Trade Zone will be one of the enterprise groups with the highest credit rating in China”.


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