Founder of Founder Group

Founder Group was established in 1986 by Peking University, with 70% of its total shares held by Peking University and 30% by the Group’s management. With five industry groups and more than 35,000 employees distributed in major Chinese cities, Founder Group has performed outstandingly in expanding the overseas markets. In addition, the Group has owned 6 public companies listed in the stock exchanges of Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In 2014, Founder Group’s total income, total assets and net assets reached RMB74.8 billion, 152.1 billion, and 48.3 billion respectively.

As one of the key technological decision makers and founders of Founder Group, Professor Wang Xuan started the company with the laser phototypesetting system. With his forward-looking vision, he guided Founder into the radio and TV industry, positioned the company to expand overseas and supported the diversification of the group. From its formation to its development and the Group’s vigorous growth, Professor Wang Xuan inspired and guided generations of Founder employees to strive towards innovation and progress.

In 1986, Founder Group was launched with the computerized laser phototypesetting system for Chinese character invented by Professor Wang Xuan. By 1989, total orders exceeded 100 million yuan, which laid a solid foundation for the development of Founder Group.

From 1990 to 1994, with the efforts of Wang Xuan and a group of young talents, the newspaper long-distance transfer technology, color desktop publishing system, computer management system of news gathering and editing process, and the new generation of software and hardware systems were successively released. Founder’s publishing systems became the most preferred and popular product of its kind, capturing 80% of the Chinese newspaper market in Hong Kong and Macao, Southeast Asia and North America.

In late 1990s, the 7th and 8th generations of publishing systems developed by the young researchers dominated the domestic market. Moreover, it incorporated other languages and entered the international market with the products exported to dozens of countries and regions including the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, and Canada. In the meantime, Founder Group sold its core technologies with independent intellectual property rights to global manufacturers, which were applied through their products around the world. Professor Wang Xuan’s dream of expanding to the global market was becoming a reality. Under Wang’s leadership, the Group explored a path to success by combining industry, academic studies and scientific research and became a model enterprise that utilized technology to transform traditional industries in China.

In 2001, supported by Professor Wang Xuan, Founder Group began efforts to expand from a high-tech enterprise to a diversified company.

Although Professor Wang Xuan passed away in 2006,Founder Group inherited his innovative spirit and strived to grow. In early 2009, the Group established a new three-year development strategy and put forward its development goal to transform itself into a diversified investment holding group. Founder Group celebrated the 25th anniversary of its founding in 2011 and its successful transformation into an investment and shareholding group with five main industries including IT, medical and pharmaceutical, real estate, finance, and commodities trading.



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