CEO of Taikang

Mr. Chen Dongsheng is Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Taikang Life Insurance Co., Ltd. He is also President, China Association of Actuaries, Vice Chairman of Insurance Association of China, Vice Chairman of China Association of Auctioneers, and he is named Outstanding Alumnus of Wuhan University.

In 1993, Mr. Chen founded China Guardian Auction House, China’s first international auction house, where he was Chairman of the Board and General Manager. In 1994, he founded the well-known Zhaijisong delivery company. In 1996, he founded Taikang Life Insurance Company Limited, where he has been working as Chairman of the Board and CEO until today.

As one of the founders of the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum, and the creator of the term “the 92 Group” (Business elites who left government and official research institutes for business in the year 1992),Mr. Chen Dongsheng has been actively involved in the economic, financial, corporate and academic spheres in China. His sound theoretical background, extensive experience in macroeconomic research, and successful practice in corporate management equip him with a lot of original thoughts and comments, and all these have made him a leading figure among the 92 Group entrepreneurs in the country. His most influential idea, “Innovation means leading imitation”, has become the most vivid interpretation of the late-developer theory and innovation model for the development of the China’s economy and enterprises.

Taikang Life is a national life insurance company with its establishment approved by the People’s Bank of China on August 22, 1996. The company is headquartered in Beijing. After 17 years of development, Taikang Life has become a large nation-wide insurance company which focus on life insurance and operate on the full industrial chain of cooperate annuity, asset management, senior care community and health insurance.

Under the leadership of Chairman and CEO Chen Dongsheng and the professional international management team, the company has achieved a rapid development. As of December 31, 2013, the total assets of the company reached approximately RMB 440 billion, net assets over 24 billion. The company has set up 35 branches and 4200 sales offices of all levels in Beijing, Shanghai, Hubei, Shandong, and Guangdong and other areas. It has also built up a complete network of service to provide timely and convenient services for its clients. It has handled 10.43 million claims with the payment reaching 11.9 billion accumulatively.

Taikang Life owns Taikang Asset Management Co. Ltd., Taikang Pension & Insurance Company and Taikang Property (Beijing) Investment Co., Ltd as its subsidiaries. Taikang Asset Management is one of the largest institutional investors in China’s capital market. The trusted asset under its management is over 600 billion RMB. The investment return rate of the general account of Taikang Life has outperformed the average of the industry for 11 consecutive years. As one the top five domestic pension and insurance companies, Taikang Pension devote itself to become the best supplier of the employee welfare benefit solutions, and its managed annuity asset reaches 61 billion. Taikang Property is an investment and management company of senior care community property approved by CIRC. By the end of 2013, Taikang Property has completed its strategic layout in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Sanya.

In 2013, Taikang Life became the first company in the industry who had completed its strategic layout in the top level major cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Sanya, ect. It represents the launch of the company’s Happiness Project, which is an industrial chain integrating services for the senior people. The project is based on senior care community and combines the four elements of “life-long senior care, high-end medical service, premier wealth management and ultimate care for the senior”.



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