CR Pharma

China Resources Pharmaceutical Group (hereinafter CR Pharma) is one of the seven core strategic business units of China Resources (Holdings) Company Limited (hereinafter CR), which was founded in 1938, ranked 143th of the Global 500 by Fortune in 2014.

CR Pharma is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in China, registered in Beijing, and engaged in the whole drug industrial chain including R&D, manufacturing, and distribution. They had $103.65 billion HKD in total asset, $114.8 billion in main business turnover and $5.3 billion in net profit in the year of 2013.

They have been doing business across more than 30 provinces in China, providing products and services involving chemicals, TCMs, biologics, health products, medical appliances and others, of many therapeutic areas as cardiovascular, diabetes, women health, pediatrics and other areas.

CR Pharma has many domestically well-known subsidiaries with well-known brands, including China Resources Pharmaceutical Commercial Group Company, China Resources Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China Resources double-Crane Pharmaceutical co., Ltd.,Shandong Dong-E-E-Jiao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,China Resources Saike Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China Resources Zizhu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China Anhui World-best Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China Resources PienTze Huang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

From 1938, CR started the business as Liow & Co. in Hong Kong, with the purpose to raise funds and purchase military supplies and equipment for the revolutionary bases of Communist Party of China. CR and its people have made great contributions to the establishment of people of republic of China. After 1949, CR was also responsible for importing medicines and medical equipment for Chinese people.  From 1990s, CR Group has transformed main business from trading to industry and also moved main business from Hong Kong to mainland China, and never stopped to seek opportunities for entering pharmaceutical industry.



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