Transit Premier for Taiwan

Shortly following the January 16 presidential and legislative elections, Taiwanese Premier Mao, Chi-kuo, led the Cabinet to resign en masse. President Ma, Ying-jeou,  has appointed the original Vice Premier  Chang, San-cheng, to take up the premiership beginning February 1 to work on a smooth transition to the new leadership inaugurated in coming May.

The following is the bio-sketch of Mr. Chang.

1976 BS, Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University (NTU)
1977 MS, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, USA
1981 Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, USA

1981-1990 Lecturer, Associate Professor and Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, NTU
1991-1997 Director, National Center for High-performance Computing
1998-2000 Director, Department of Planning and Evaluation, National Science Council, Executive Yuan
2000-2010 Vice President, e-Enabling Services Business Group, Acer Inc.
2010-2012 Regional Director of Hardware Operations in Asia, Google Inc.
2012-2014 Minister without Portfolio, Executive Yuan
2014 Minister of Science and Technology
2014-2016 Vice Premier, Executive Yuan
2016- Premier, Executive Yuan



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