China to build and renovate toilets totaling 25,000 in 2016

According to the deployment plan of the 2016 work conference on nationwide toilet revolution, China is set to build, expand and renovate a total of 25,000 toilets, including 17,000 to be built and 8,000 to be expanded and renovated. The toilets along travel routes and in the tourist attractions, transportation hubs, rural scenic spots, restaurants and entertainment centers catering to tourists and pedestrian precincts are all required to reach the standard for the A-level tourist toilet.
In 2016 we are to fight a harsh battle on the way to fulfilling the three-year toilet revolution plan. The National Tourism Administration shall continue to intensify efforts to improve the tourist toilets, with the focus laid on addressing tourist toilet technique and management problems and enhancing the toilet culture. Specifically, we shall implement three actions. First, it is toilet construction. We must ensure the four aspects fall into place, namely, the construction units, the funding, technological innovation and supportive policies should be in place. Second, it is toilet management. With a clear-cut management goal in mind, we shall build the toilet management platform to facilitate innovation of the toilet management mode. Third, it is to enhance toilet culture. We shall continue to strengthen public opinion dissemination, monitoring and guidance and take multiple means to conduct intensive toilet revolution publicity during major tourism events.
It is learned that in 2015 a total of 22,009 toilets were built across the country, which exceeded the goal for the year by 4.67%.



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