China Development Forum

Chinese Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng met with the transnational corporation and institution representatives who attended China Development Forum 2016 in Beijing on March 20, exchanging views on issues concerning the 13th five-year plan. Assistant Minister of Commerce Zhang Ji attended the meeting.

Gao Hucheng said, the “belt and road” initiative is proposed by President Xi Jinping, aiming to promote the peaceful development of the world and it’s also the top-level design of China’s opening up in the new period. The “belt and road” initiative is open and inclusive, and all countries, regions and international organizations can be a part of the initiative if they want to. China welcomes the transnational corporations to positively engage in the “belt and road” construction, conduct international capacity cooperation, jointly develop the widespread global market and share the bonus through the development.

Gao Hucheng stressed that the contents of supply-side structural reforms are very rich and its main breakthrough is to further streamline administration and delegate more power to lower-level governments, optimize government service, motivate the entrepreneurship and unleash the social potential of innovating and doing business creatively. It has offered opportunities for transnational corporations to make full use of their innovation ability, advanced technology and global business experience. It has been a great challenge for the Chinese government to address issues of transformation, upgrading and innovative development through the supply-side structural reforms. However, only with the supply-side structural reforms, can we maintain the quality and sustainable development of China’s economy. China’s advantage lies in its political stability, so we could ensure the continuous implementation of macro-policy by institutional arrangement, rather than resorting to expediency.

The present representatives from transnational corporations and organizations believed that China’s 13th five-year plan has made clear goals for the economic and social development in the future, and has put forth a series of moves to deepen reforms and expand opening-up measures. They have felt the broad prospect of investing in China. Foreign investors’ confidence has been shored up by the proposal and implementation of supply and side-structure reforms, trade in service opening up and market access with a negative list. The transnational corporations would like to engage in the “belt and road” construction and help the Chinese enterprises to go global.

Gao Hucheng also briefed on the continual opening-up of service sector, the trade balance between China and Latin American countries and the opening-up of China’s rating market. He also introduced the enhancement of Chinese enterprises’ cooperation between foreign enterprises in agricultural areas and the anti-monopoly investigation into the transnational corporations’ M&A.



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