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“Chinese Quality” and “Chinese Standards” stand the strong earthquake test in Ecuador.

Ecuador took place 7.8-magnitude strong earthquake on April 14, 2016 at local time. The water conservancy project, road and bridge and other civil buildings by the Chinese technological equipment and Chinese enterprises stood solid and unshakable, defying this strong earthquake with their excellent quality. “Chinese quality” and “Chinese standards” passed the test of the strong earthquake and played a positive role in the rescue work, which won the praise of the people of Ecuador.

The comprehensive command and control system of national security created by China for Ecuador played a pivotal role in this earthquake disaster rescue. The allocation and coordination of all the alarms, rescue, emergency disposal and national rescue strength in the disaster area was managed by this system. This guaranteed that the stricken information can be sent to the rescue department in time and improved the rescue efficiency. China constructed and delivered 7 rescue stations of comprehensive command center of national security. Four of them lie in the severely afflicted areas of earthquake and can still function well in the strong earthquake.

The Sinclair hydropower station constructed by China has the largest scale, using the Chinese technology and Chinese capital in Latin America. The first batch of unit was integrated to the grid on April 13 2016. After the earthquake, the station automatically started the protection system and the unit closed down. China rapidly checked and confirmed the safety of the power station, recovered the electricity generation in the next day and increased the generating capacity so as to provide electricity guarantee for continuous disaster combating. After the severe test of the strong earthquake, this modeling project of China-Ecuador capacity cooperation was regarded as the “Skyscraper” of Ecuador by the local people.

Yacai College City project within the earthquake area constructed by China passed the test of the disaster by its good quality. The completely fished classrooms, apartments and labs were used as the temporary shelters and the storage places of relief goods. 10 roads and 2 bridges constructed by China weren’t damaged at all. They bear the heavy responsibilities of rescue and relief work, showing excellent project quality.

“Chinese quality” and “Chinese standards” not only stood the strong earthquake test of Ecuador, but also played a positive role in the post-earthquake rescue work, which demonstrated the great quality and credibility of “Made in China”.

Source: http://english.mofcom.gov.cn/article/newsrelease/significantnews/201604/20160401308455.shtml


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