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Chinese international trade representative

Mr. Zhong Shan, a Han Chinese, is a native of Shangyu County, Zhejiang Province. He was born in October 1955, started his career in July 1972 and joined the CPC in June 1974. Mr. Zhong holds a PhD in economics from Zhejiang University and is a Senior Economist. Continue reading


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Transparency: The safety net of high price-to-dream ratios

Cheming Yang

Recently in Taiwan, a highly valued, in terms of stock prices, biotech startup, Obipharma, stirred up turmoil after unblinding one of its clinical trials. The clinical trial is about a cancer vaccine and was touted to be quite promising all along. As what usually happens in clinical trials, the results fail to live up to the company’s and the general public’s high expectation. Needless to say, the final results of this trial fell short of the primary end point. No surprise at all, its stock prices plummeted. Continue reading

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