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First female president in Taiwan

Born in 1956 in Taipei City, Tsai Ing-wen traces her family roots to Fangshan Township of Pingtung County in southern Taiwan. Growing up at an auto repair shop run by her parents, her family background instilled her with the spirit of small and medium-sized enterprises—professional, dynamic, resilient, and hard working. Continue reading


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Fantasy versus thrill

Cheming Yang

Wanda Group’s founder, Wang Jianlin, the richest man in China, said in a TV interview that he plans to “overtake Disney” as the biggest global tourism company by 2020. This is a challenging ambition but not out of ordinary. However, he kept on saying the frenzy of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and the era of blindly following them have passed. Wang alleged that Disney is “entirely cloning previous intellectual properties, cloning previous products, with no more innovation.” He said Disneyland’s high prices would also drive away Chinese customers. Continue reading

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