New Premier of Taiwan

Lin Chuan took office as Taiwan’s new premier on the 20th of May, pledging to deepen communication with the public and build the broadest possible consensus in order to push through the kind of reforms expected by the public.

At the premiership handover ceremony, officiated by Vice President Chen Chien-jen, Lin said the new administrative team will defend the nation’s security and prosperity and protect the rights of all citizens. He also promised to take a practical and humble approach to handling government affairs.

Taiwan faces a host of problems in areas such as education, public safety, wealth distribution, food safety and the economy, Lin said. To address these issues, the government will first lead Taiwan in a new economic direction by emphasizing innovation as a core value and promoting five industries as the foundation for an innovative economy: an “Asian Silicon Valley” initiative, biomedicine, green technology, smart machinery and defense aerospace.

Second, the government will make the investment environment more attractive by signing free trade agreements and joining regional trade blocs, developing a local economy that offers added cultural value, and wooing investments from corporations. As the five industries spur business growth, local companies can expect to see increased profits and added value, and in turn offer better working conditions and higher wages to their employees.

Aside from laying the foundations for a new economy, the new government will promote other industries as well, Lin continued. This includes building a healthy new agricultural industry friendly to farmers and consumers; raising the quality of Taiwan’s tourism industry to attract tourists from more countries; and working with nonprofit organizations, nongovernmental organizations and social enterprises to provide public and social services to disadvantaged groups and create jobs.

In addition, people in a free and democratic society should be guaranteed the right to own property without threats to their rights to life and liberty, Premier Lin said. People must have the room and freedom to exercise their creativity and talents—this is Taiwan’s value, and it is the government’s unwavering path for the future.

As for the administration team, Lin said it must work together to improve communications, coordinate responses to public opinion, and solve problems pragmatically. With a central focus on innovation, job creation, wealth distribution and sustainable development, the team must prioritize its policies for implementation. It must also exercise discipline in financial policies, creating multiple benefits out of limited resources.

Also at the ceremony, Vice President Chen remarked that Taiwan faces a dire situation right now. The new government will not have a honeymoon period but must race against time to fulfill the nation’s expectations. It must not only revive the economy but also complete President Tsai Ing-wen’s mission of pushing through reforms. It is up to the new government to lead Taiwan out of its predicaments and into a new future built on new politics, a new economy and a new society.

The following is his biosketch.

1974 B.A., Department of Economics, Fu Jen Catholic University
1978 M.A., Department of Public Finance, National Chengchi University
1984 Ph.D., Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

1984-1989 Associate Research Fellow, Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research
1989-1995 Associate Professor & Professor, Department of Public Finance, National Chengchi University (NCCU)
1995-1998 Commissioner, Department of Finance, Taipei City Government
2000-2002 Minister, Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan
2002-2006 Minister of Finance
2006-2009 Chairman, Board of Directors, Vanguard International Semiconductor Corp.
2014-2016 President, New Frontier Foundation
2016- Premier, Executive Yuan



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