Tenth Mountain Huangshan Chinese Valentine’s Day

The Mountain Huangshan Chinese Valentine’s Day is about begin from August 9th, 2016. To commemorate its tenth anniversary, an opening ceremony is going to be held at the Jadeite Valley Scenic Area that day. The event is organized by Huangshan Jadeite Valley Tourism Co, Ltd.

The Jadeite Valley Scenic Area, also called the “Valley of Love”, is a National AAAA class tourist attraction which has the reputation of the Best Water under the Sun, Wonderful love Holy Land and the fifth Unique Area on Mountain Huangshan. The shooting of the world-known Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon directed by Ang Lee took place here. The valley is located in Village Shanchacun, Tangkouzhen, Mountain Huangshan Scenic Region, 6 kilometers away from the southern gateway to Mountain Huangshan Scenic Region. Perilous peaks and grotesque rock formations stand everywhere and contend each other with dense forest, fragrant flowers and plants. Hundreds of emerald color Ponds in different forms and various sizes clustered by waterfalls make a marvelous spectacle.

The preparatory work has been completed. The organizer is ready to welcome overseas tourists to participate in the great traditional event and experience Chinese love culture at the Scenic Area.

Source: http://en.prnasia.com/story/155249-0.shtml


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