Chief Executive of Hong Kong Hospital Authority

The Chairman of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority (HA), Professor John Leong, on the 28th of July 28 announced at the Administrative and Operational Meeting of the Board the re-appointment of Dr Leung Pak-yin as the Chief Executive (CE) of the Authority for a term of three years with effect from November 8, 2016. Dr Leung’s re-appointment has been endorsed by the HA Board and approved by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

“Dr Leung has held the post of CE since November 2010 and has led the HA through many challenges in the past six years. In particular, efforts have been made to address the pressure for service demand by enhancing service capacity, streamlining work flow and mobilising resources. In terms of quality and safety, the HA has been staying at its highest vigilance for any possible infectious disease outbreak and major incidents. He has also led the HA to prepare for meeting the future healthcare demand and establish a blueprint for hospital and service development,” Professor Leong said.

“Dr Leung has also devoted substantial attention to address the manpower challenge in the HA with various initiatives, inter alia, the Special Retired and Rehire Scheme, overseas recruitment, the Additional Promotion Mechanism for Frontline Doctors, and the Special Honorarium Scheme,” Professor Leong added. With the support of the Government and Dr Leung’s continuous engagement with stakeholders, additional resources have been allocated to the HA for new services, specific pressure areas and service gaps, he said.

Professor Leong said he is confident that Dr Leung will continue to enhance the HA’s contributions in public healthcare for the health and well-being of the people of Hong Kong.



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